35th Japan Academy Prize Nominees

After first being leaked on a “test” page of their website, the 35th Japan Academy Prize Nominees (the Japanese Academy Awards / Oscars) have been finally officially announced today. The list of the nominees can be found (in japanese) on the “Japan Academy Prize” website [ 第35回日本アカデミー賞 ] and an english version can also be found on the Asian Media Wiki website. More details after the jump:

Award winners are indicated in red.

The nominees for Best Picture of the year (2012) are:

The nominees for Best Director of the year (2012) are:

  • Junji Sakamoto (Someday)
  • Kaneto Shindo (Post Card))
  • Shigemichi Sugita (The Last Ronin)
  • Izuru Narushima (Rebirth)
  • Koki Mitani (A Ghost of a Chance)

The nominees for Best Animation of the year (2012) are:

The award winners will be announced on March 2, 2012. Stay tuned!

Update: More details on the award winners on Anime News Network, AsianWiki and the Japan Academy Prize official site.

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