Personnal Log (2012-02-12)

First full week of work at my new permanent job. The new schedule starts much earlier, so getting up that early is really killing me. I was completely exhausted at the end of the week. I hope I’ll get used to that fast. But so far everything else is going well at the new job. However, my blood pressure and glucose level are much higher than usual (I don’t know if it’s due to the stress of a new job, the fact that I am so tired or because the pharmacist recently changed my blood-pressure medication for a generic brand — or maybe all of the above).

Since my wife is unemployed (fortunately the employer finally paid what was due and provided the belated ROE) I had to help her with some paperwork (EI filing and such), but we spent more time together than usual. We watched movies almost every nights (Norwegian Wood, a couple of Shrek movies, Marmaduke, HereAfter and several Ken Burns’ documentaries — I couldn’t watch the one I was most eager to see, about Mark Twain, but so far we’ve seen the ones about The Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, Lewis & Clark, and The Congress; they’re quite fascinating).

Unfortunately that (as well as working more hours, being so tired and having a longer commuting) left me with little time to do much. My list of to-do (writing, order processing, basement clean up, research on manga, new publishing projects, &c.) keeps pilling up…

However, I have updated my bibliography. While doing some clean up I found a pile of old Le Sablier (the newspaper of the University of Montreal’s history department). I delighted myself with the rediscovery of Mario Tessier‘s articles (historian, astronomer and librarian, he started writing with those “historical parodies” before writing sci-fi short stories, but is now mostly known for his “Carnets du Futurible” articles in Solaris) but also found a bunch of very short sci-fi stories and articles that I had totally forgotten writing! So I have added them to my list.

And I have also read a few interesting news stories and compiled their links for further sharing and usage.

And how was YOUR week?