Press Review (2012-10-29)

After over seven years and a little more than five-hundred posts (as well as nearly forty-thousands pageviews), I am still blogging (or doing my best to). I also keep reading the news online as often as I can. In the last couple of weeks, the story that dominated the tech news (and was of a particular interest for me) was Apple announcing many new products (the new iPad mini, of course, but mostly the new iMac — I’ll finally be able to replace my dead desktop, sometime in November, and I just can’t wait to pre-order it). In the local news, everyone is still talking mostly about corruption (The Gazette, La Presse) and in the U.S. all minds are on the beginning of the last stretch of the electoral campaign for the presidential election (The Gazette, La Presse). And, of course, everyone is anxiously looking at the incoming super-storm Sandy (The Gazette, La Presse). So, again, I am sharing nearly a hundred more links with you after the jump:

Anime & Manga related, Japan, Popular Culture

Apple, apps and mobile devices news

Books, Digital Edition & Library

Economy, Environment & International/U.S. Politics

Local News & National Politics

Media, Culture, & Society

Sciences & History

Technology, Gadgets & Internet

Union stuff & Montreal’s libraries

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