36th Japan Academy Prize Nominees

Last January, the nominees for the 36th Japan Academy Prize (aka the Japanese Academy Awards) were announced on the Japan Academy Prize Association website [ in japanese: 第36回日本アカデミー賞 ] :

The nominees for Best Picture of the year (2013) are:

The nominees for Best Director of the year (2013) are:

  • Shinji Higuchi & Isshin Inudo (The Floating Castle)
  • Junji Sakamoto (A Chorus of Angels))
  • Masato Harada (Chronicle Of My Mother)
  • Yasuo Furuhata (Dearest)
  • Daihachi Yoshida (The Kirishima Thing)

The nominees for Best Animation of the year (2013) are:

Here we are listing only the categories that are of interest for our blog, but you’ll find more details on ALL the nominees on the AsianWiki. You’ll find also some information (mostly about the anime category and the anime- & manga-related nominations) on Anime News Network.

The award winners will be announced on March 8, 2013, so stay tuned!

Update (2013-03-10): Award winners have been highlighted in red. You can find the full result on my entry on the “36th Japan Academy Prize Winners” as well as check the AsianWiki and Anime News Network for more details.

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