The week in review (2013-09-09)

On the home front, there’s nothing really new. The Montreal World Film Festival has ended and I saw the last of the Japanese movies (I’ve seen them all save for the shorts). All in all it was a satisfactory experience. Now I have to write about those movies (and maybe do an overview of the festival). Although, the next couple of weeks, I’ll be busy getting some union training. And right now (while writing this and doing the laundry) I am waiting for a plumber to come repair a leaky hot-water tap in the bathtub (I couldn’t get a firm appointment, so he *might* come before the end of the day).

In the press realm, there an awful lot of technological news lately probably due to
Apple imminent new products announcement. Sony also announced a very interesting ‘Lens-Style’ set of digital cameras working as smartphone accessories. And Miyazaki announced (again) his retirement. You can check this week’s scrap-linking right after the jump:

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Apple, apps and mobile devices news

Extra: New Sony QX ‘Lens-Style’ Cameras !!

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