A Bibliography of Japanese Popular Culture


This is an attempt to produce an exhaustive bibliography about anime & manga (and it was extended to all the related aspects of Japanese Popular Culture). It is far from complete yet. So far we’ve only transferred the old version from the Protoculture website (adding links to WoldCat and, whenever possible, to Nelligan—the Montreal libraries’ catalog). We’ve added more books (whatever was published since we first started this bibliography; luckily we own a copy of most of these titles — the copy we own are on yellow background) and we’ll try to keep it updated as often as possible. [Last update: 2016-10-03]

For those who are wondering: “anime” is referring to Japanese animation (cartoons) and “manga” is referring to Japanese comics. They are an important part of Japanese popular culture.


The essentials
More anime & manga references
Otaku & other popular (sub)culture phenomenons
Japanese culture
Japanese drama & cinema
Japanese economy, geography & history
Japanese language
Japanese literature
Various others

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