Back after a brief glitch

For most of the week I have been unable to access my own blog!

At first I thought that it was a problem with the web hosting, but — as soon as I had time, today — I checked with them and everything was fine on their side. After performing a few tests ( or trying to log through a proxy like and trying to log with other browsers (like Firefox or Explorer instead of Safari — without success) or through my iPhone or my sister wifi (it worked in both case) I finally realized that it was Bell’s internet that was blocking me (Dog, I hate Bell: their TV service is so beautiful but everything internet or wifi is so shitty!). My website itself was not blocked. It was my access to the website that was somewhat cut. I tried a few things and finally tried to simply reset Bell’s marvelously buggy Home Hub 3000 internet router. It worked!

Sorry for this brief interruption. We can now resume our regular programming: I can continue to update and adjust my blog.

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