Ottawa Tulip Festival

Today we went to the Ottawa Tulip Festival (a.k.a. the Canadian Tulip Festival). It was a great trip and I enjoyed seeing all those various variety of tulips. It was the 65th edition of the festival and, this year with over a million tulips in bloom, it was particularly celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. The even made a special tulip for that: the “Canada 150”. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and we even got a little drizzle of rain but not enough to keep us from enjoying the festival.

My only complains is that, as we went on the penultimate day of the festival, many of the tulips were rather past their prime. Like last year, we should try next time to go at the beginning of the festival. Another problem was that the signalisation identifying the tulips was rather imprecise and you sometimes had five different signs in a flower bed but nothing telling us which tulip was corresponding to which name! A picture on each sign would have been a welcomed addition. Checking the map of the site (above) and googling the name of the tulips was sometimes helpful in identifying the varieties I was not sure about.

Here is a small sample of the pictures I took, but you can find more on the photo album I made for the event on Flickr :

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