Cats stories

A large part of my ten-day vacation was about taking care of the cat problem (which I alluded to in a recent “notable news” post). Just for the fun of it, yesterday I edited a short video showing the extent of the problem. They are cute but that many cats is just too much. Now that they are captured, we just have to find them new families where they can have a happy and meaningful life. That’s the hard part since, as I said, our only official option is the Berger Blanc (and it’s quite frustrating that the city bylaws threaten us of fines for having stray cats CHOOSING our backyard but doesn’t offer any help whatsoever; we’re on our own [link, Gazette, CTV, Animosource]). Hopefully, we’ll find someone to adopt them, maybe some refuge willing to take them or find a way to deal with the SPCA. Anyone interested?

The video is also available on Vimeo. At the same time, this video showcase the capability and usefulness of the Nest Cam (I really love them).

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Funérailles Laure Gauthier

Ma mère, Laure Gauthier, est décédé le 5 mars 2017. Sur ce blogue, je lui ai déjà rendu hommage en mots et en images. Plus tôt cette semaine, j’ai créé un album Flickr pour mettre disponible les photos que j’ai utilisé pour le diaporama/vidéo. Il ne me restait plus qu’à faire le montage vidéo des funérailles, qui ont eu lieu le 17 mars dernier. J’attendais de pouvoir y ajouter les photos de la mise en terre des cendres, qui s’est faite le 19 juin. Le vidéo est maintenant complété et disponible sur Vimeo. Et je le partage ici avec vous:

Un grand merci à tout ceux qui ont aidé à organiser les funérailles, particulièrement à mes soeurs Luce et Francine, mon oncle Marcelin, ma tante Micheline et au prêtre officiant, Julio Cesar Duràn, ainsi qu’à tout ceux et celles qui sont venu nous offrir leurs condoléances.

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Le parc des promesses brisées

J’ai récemment parlé du peu de progrès dans l’aménagement du Parc Frédéric-Back mais je dois avouer, après une petite randonnée à bicyclette autour du parc, que là ma déception est encore plus grande: le secteur Papineau Sud est peut-être ouvert (comme l’annonce le site de la Tohu) mais il n’y a pas grands aménagements et l’accès y est plutôt difficile. Le sentier est encore complètement fermé derrière le Taz, ce qui oblige à un détour par le boulevard Papineau (qui est d’ailleurs partiellement bloqué par des travaux!!!). Comme aménagements on retrouve des bancs et une bordure fait de broche et de pierres (même principe que la signalisation faite de “monolithe” ), un point de vue pas fini, des tables à picnic envahis par les mauvaises herbes et, seul élément vraiment terminé, une petit aire de spectacle (bancs étagés et scène couverte). Moi, j’appelle pas ça “être ouvert.” Je suppose que ça aussi ça va vraiment ouvrir à la fin août… trop tard pour qu’on en profite vraiment! Bravo Montréal!

(iPhone 6s, 2017-06-26)

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Monthly notable news (w20-25)

On the domestic front, after much hesitation, the summer has finally arrived. At work, it is crazier than ever with the start of the vacation loan, the TD summer reading club, the twenty-days of amnesty, the summer clean-up and all this often in a sweatshop-like environment (hot and humid, because the ventilation and AC doesn’t work properly). It is so exhausting. I’ve applied for a job with more responsibilities (and pay) but flunked the interview (for the second time!). I am either good for nothing else or there’s something rotten in the HR kingdom.

I felt quite depressed lately. With all the problems with the house and at work, as well as the fact that I have not written or read much in several months, it’s no surprise. I come back from work with all my energy spent. I feel worthless. I feel I give a lot to the people around me and doesn’t get much (attention, respect, gratitude, etc.) in return. I hate it when dark thoughts keep me from enjoying life. But, hey!, it’s summer so lets enjoy the sun, the parks, the museums, the flowers, the cats, the people and particularly the few remaining days of my second ten-day summer vacation. There’s lot to do around the house and so much writing (hopefully) to catch up (I’ll try to go at it with smaller bites)!

In the news, Apple has announced some great software updates (iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4) and some new products (iMac & MacBook Pro, or iPad Pro updates, as well as a new iMac Pro and the HomePod, a speaker that they say will reinvent music at home) and my evenings have been consumed with listening to the latest Trump craziness on MSNBC. Everyday brings a new lie! More on the news in the links bellow…

I have always enjoyed the stray cats in my backyard but this year it is a real infestation: a battered dominant male [Toffee], two females (mother [Grisou] and daughter [Chaussette/Socks], their FIVE kittens and a couple of tomcat challengers. That’s TEN cats! They have laid waste to the backyard garden so I had to do something to control the situation. Unfortunately, the lack of consistent animal management policies in the city (and particularly in this borough, VSP) puts all the burden on the citizen and doesn’t give much help. My only option is to bring them to the Berger Blanc (which has a terrible reputation and an almost all-kill policy — also, for some mysterious reasons [$$?], my borough doesn’t deal with the SPCA) which I refuse to do. So far, I’ve caught all the females and their kittens, and I’ll see what I can do from there (any suggestions?)…

I’ve also started taking some omega-3 supplements, which (according to an NHK World report) is supposed to be good against cholesterol and dementia, amongst other things (like cancer or arthritis). It’s messing up with my digestion, but strangely I feel that my mind is a little clearer. Placebo effect? Anyway, we’ll see…

Strangely, I kept busy during the last month by doing lots of little things (cleaning up the garage, buying a new couch, burying my mother’s ashes, etc. — daily routine stuff) about which there’s little to say (or I just can’t recall some of them). I confess that I also probably watch too much TV. Anyway, that’s about it for now…

Although, as always, I continued to stay acquainted with the affairs of the world and gathered nearly a hundred notable news & links — which I share with you (in both french or english, and roughly separated in a few categories of interest), after the jump.

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Promenade dans le quartier à la Saint-Jean

Je profite du congé de la Fête Nationale du Québec pour faire une petite promenade de santé dans le quartier. C’est une belle journée pour marcher en laissant son esprit vagabonder. Je fais le tour de plusieurs parcs (Sainte-Yvette, des Hirondelles, Gabriel-Lalemant, Champdoré, Frédéric-Back) où les citoyens de nombreuses ethnies célèbrent autour de barbecues (d’ailleurs je viens d’apprendre que je me serais toujours trompé sur l’origine de ce mot).

Je découvre aussi que le système iBus est finalement fonctionnel (!) et que l’entrée électrique des lampadaires du Parc Frédéric-Back est enfin branchée au poteau d’alimentation. Cela voudrait-il dire que l’accès au parc serait accessible avant l’ouverture officielle, en août ? Mais non, la barrière est toujours fermée!


Bonne Saint-Jean-Baptiste à tous !

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