Cats stories

A large part of my ten-day vacation was about taking care of the cat problem (which I alluded to in a recent “notable news” post). Just for the fun of it, yesterday I edited a short video showing the extent of the problem. They are cute but that many cats is just too much. Now that they are captured, we just have to find them new families where they can have a happy and meaningful life. That’s the hard part since, as I said, our only official option is the Berger Blanc (and it’s quite frustrating that the city bylaws threaten us of fines for having stray cats CHOOSING our backyard but doesn’t offer any help whatsoever; we’re on our own [link, Gazette, CTV, Animosource]). Hopefully, we’ll find someone to adopt them, maybe some refuge willing to take them or find a way to deal with the SPCA. Anyone interested?

The video is also available on Vimeo. At the same time, this video showcase the capability and usefulness of the Nest Cam (I really love them).

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