Movie capsule-reviews (02.017.182)

I meant to catch up on those comments in a long time, so here are a bunch of them…

Jason Bourne

The bad guys at the CIA who erased his memories, killed several of his girlfriends as well as his father are still after him despite the fact the he just want to be left alone… It seems that spy movies now are just endless car chases and computer hacking. Boring!





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La La Land

A beautiful film that pays tribute to the city of L.A., to Jazz and to the cinema of the fifties but the director cannot deny the French blood flowing in his veins because his film is strangely reminiscent of Jacques Demy‘s The Young Girls of Rochefort, and of some cinematographic techniques of Lelouche. While paying tribute, he manges to escapes (particularly with its ending) many of Hollywood movies’ stereotypes and therefore deserves all the attention and accolades he has received. A must see, definitely.



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King Charles III

I thought this TV movie would be quite bad: poorly made, poorly acted and of bad taste. But actually, it is beautifully made and, although the acting is not stellar, it is acceptable. It also brings the interesting question of what would happen to England, and to the monarchy, when the Queen dies. I always thought that it’s a bit too soon to make movies about people who are still alive. That’s why, in my opinion, Victoria is less edgy then The Crown. It’s touchy to tell the story of the early reign of Elisabeth II while she’s still the Queen and it’s even more touchy to speculate about how the monarchy would survives the death of such a long lasting monarch while she still lives. Many people have never known anybody else on the throne. Wouldn’t it put the whole existence of the monarchy in question? I think that the questions asked by this movie are spot on — although the portrayal of the royal family was often quite out of character (A resentful Charles? An over ambitious Kate Middleton?) — but all this is only speculation. Hence plenty of controversy in the press when it first aired in the U.K.

As it is based on a play, it feels very theatrical (even lyrical sometimes) and almost sounds like a shakespearian play (with verses, rhymes and lots of aparte) — so why should we be surprised that its plot offers such drama? It sounds really beautiful, particularly because of its soundtrack using baroque-style religious chants in latin — quite similar to what they used in Victoria. It’s not a really great movie but is certainly worth seeing if you are interested in either the British monarchy or in political/speculative fiction. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it.

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You can also read this comment (in French) on the website of Les Irrésistibles.

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It’s the first movie of that series for which I did not read the book. I stopped after twenty pages because all Dan Brown books seem follow the same formula, so it felt boring. And because I didn’t have foreknowledge, the movie didn’t feel boring at all. In fact, the idea of the amnesia is a clever trick that allows for a well constructed thriller.





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Florence Foster Jenkins

This movie tells us that sometimes the beauty is not in the quality of a work but in its persistance. It is quite funny and sad altogether. Biographical movies of unlikable characters can be a drag, but in the end everybody has redeemable qualities. It ends up that Florence Foster Jenkins was an interesting woman after all (even if she really was a bad singer!) and I enjoyed the movie. Particularly because of the remarkable performances by the three main actors, but mostly Meryl Streep.




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Le roi dance

After watching the second season of Versailles, we felt like seeing more of Louis XIV. However, this old movie by Gérard Corbiau (Farinelli) is more about the rise and fall of Jean-Baptiste Lully than the Sun King himself. The baroque musician was a favourite of the king and worked at the court from 1661 to 1686, when his dissolute life brought him disgrace. He wrote dances and ballets for the king, music for plays (collaborating with Molière amongst others), several operas and some sacred music. The historical subject is quite interesting, but the movie shows its age, is rather slow and nearly boring.



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Independence Day: Resurgence

Ah, sequels… I was fearing that this would be a mere repeat of the first movie, but it is just simply worse: meaner, badder aliens come with much bigger ship and their queen to suck up the core of the planet! But, there is hope, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend?! It is very superficial and not very original. So, how comes that I enjoyed it? Probably the brainless action, over-present special effects and a few good ideas… However, I am getting a little tired of those alien invasion movies.




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You could think this is just another alien invasion catastrophe movie, but you couldn’t be more wrong. This is the most beautifully complexe film I’ve seen in a very long time. Based on the novellaStory of Your Life” by Ted Chiang, it tells the story of linguist Louise Banks who is called upon by the government to help translate the language of aliens who just landed lenticular spacecrafts on twelve Earth locations. The squid-like “heptapods” have a written language made of complex circular symbols. With trials and errors she manages to exchange vocabulary and build trust until they can finally ask the million dollars question: “why are they here?” The answer will bring the world to the brink of war! Learning their language and understanding its relationship with time will also change her forever…

It’s a movie about communication and language, of course, but also about understanding and relationship. Her relationship with the aliens, with her colleague Ian Donnelly, with her daughter Hannah, with the Chinese General Shang, with time… It is certainly not an action movie — as there are many slow and long scenes — but it is a beautifully made science-fiction thriller. The most interesting to me is that it is a local movie, shot in Quebec by French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (Polytechnique, Incendies, Sicario and currently working on Blade Runner 2049 and developing a new adaptation of Dune) ! A must see.

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