Progress report (02.017.211)

Front garden

Since the first growth in April, fifteen weeks ago, the front garden has grown into a thick jungle where sunflowers and cosmos are now dominating (See previous report).

Jardin de juillet(iPhone 6s, 2017-07-25)

Floraison de Cosmos Nombreux tournesols(iPhone 6s, 2017-07-27 & 29)

Parc Frédéric-Back

Now that the parc is electrified, the signalisation is backlit at night and the lamp posts are working keeping the path well lit. It’s actually quite beautiful. Now, they just need to open the new section (See previous report) !

Backlit signalisation Lamp post

(iPhone 6s, 2017-07-25)


The kittens have seen a veterinarian for an examination and their first shots. They will be taken in charge by a shelter in a week. The two mothers are still waiting to be neutered (they are on a waiting list) but it is taking a long time. They’ve already been in a cage for too long. I hope we’ll be able to release them soon… (See previous report)

Update (2017-08-01): After pleading the urgency of the situation, the Mittens’ Targeted Permanent Sterilization Clinic of the SPCA contacted us yesterday, and the two mothers have been sterilized today. We will let them recover for a few days and then release them in our backyard.

Update (2017-08-07): After a week, we have released the two mothers. They have bolted out of the cage and, four hours later, they are still nowhere to be seen. Hopefully, they’ll keep hanging around our backyard… Also, still no news from the shelter that is supposed to take custody of the kittens sometimes this week. Hopefully everything will go well on that side too.

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