Blog of my blood

Last week, I discovered that my blog (which I cherish greatly because it has been essential to sustain my soul and my sanity) had been hacked and that malicious code was injected in everyone of my 1500+ posts. It was causing a redirect that crippled the blog, preventing anyone to access it. According to my web host, it was caused by vulnerabilities in the previous version WordPress and, since it was not their fault, they didn’t help much beside offering a few suggestions.

I have removed the malicious script in the last hundred or so posts in order to make the blog functional enough to continue working on it. So, if you click on a link that redirect you to a weird place (or a blank page) you’ll know why.

I’ll try to find an automated way to removed the remaining malicious code or (more likely) I’ll find some time to do it manually. For now, I’ve installed Wordfence to improve security but, obviously, the current hosting doesn’t have much security (and doesn’t care). Therefore I will eventually move the hosting to a better place (the best candidate seems to be, which offers more features and a better price).

To be continued…

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