JCCCM Craft and Food Sale

JCCCM-logoYesterday, I went to the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal for their craft and food sale held each year in the beginning of December to raise funds and offer Christmas gifts opportunities. In previous years I bought some Japanese-style pottery but that potter was not at the sale this time. Instead I bought a trinket (a bag of acorns made of semi-precious stones — very nice) and my wife bought some of Masaki Endo’s Natto.

The sale is rather small as there is only a dozen vendors like Stephen H. Kawai (the guy selling those semi-precious acorns), Lou Hideyoshi’s Sekken SoapM of Leema’s custom made laptop & tablet kimono covers (cool!), Hiromi Ono’s Fleur DesignOnigiri Justice, Miyabi handmade soap, Sho-Raku-An Japanese calligraphy, Hana Hana Kokoro Handmade, Kimono Vintage (Wow! see also their web page), etc. If you are interested in Japanese-style goods and culture those kind of places are worth checking.

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