Élagage: suite et fin

Au début de décembre j’ai du écrire à la mairie d’arrondissement car je tentais sans succès depuis le début de l’été de faire élaguer un arbre dont une branche s’appuyait dangereusement sur le fil électrique.

Et bien, c’est maintenant fait. Les élagueurs sont venu faire le travail ce matin. Voir les commentaires du billet original pour les détails sur le déroulement des travaux…

Vidéo enregistré entre 7:48 et 9:06 ce matin (grâce à Nest! ), disponible sur Vimeo

Le fil électrique est maintenant complètement dégagé. Et l’arbre plus aéré…

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Discovery: Mujin

Mujin_1I read mostly manga and I am particularly interested in historical manga. Every now and then I discover a new one. Earlier this week, Imagine-nation — a TV show airing on NHK World and dedicated to Japanese pop culture — talked about the manga series Mujin by Tetuzoh Okadaya. The show first aired on Monday December 11 and will be available for streaming until December 19.

Tetuzoh Okadaya is a former doujin writer who publish regularly in Hakusensha‘s Hanamaru. She seems to specialize in boys love manga but has also dabbled in period drama. Her first manga, Tango no Otoko, has been translated in English (available as The Man of Tango from SuBLime, a yaoi / boys love publisher formed by the partnership between Viz and Animate). You can find more details about her on Baka Updates, Goodreads, Wikipedia and her official web page.

Mujin_v4p6Mujin (無尽 / むじん / lit. “ending” or “expiring”) is a historical manga set in the Bakumatsu period (late Edo period). It tells the story of real-life swordsman Hachiro Iba (1844-1869). He was a bakushin (Shogun’s personal guard) who lost his left arm in the Boshin war and became later the head of the “Yugekitai” (guerilla corps). He was a master of the Shingyōtō-ryū style and died at the battle of Hakodate. Not much is known about him (although he was famously illustrated by Yoshitoshi) so it leaves Tetuzoh Okadaya some freedom to develop her fictitious story around the character. Many manga are set in this fascinating period (Blade of the immortal, Hidamari no ki, Lone wolf and cub, Nobunaga Concerto, Nobunaga no chef, Ooku: The inner chamber, Rurouni Kenshin, Shigurui, Vagabond, etc.) but, unfortunately, this one is not available in English. Nonetheless, it seems quite interesting. (You can find more details on the manga on the Google-translated version of Wikipedia).

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L’armure du Jakolass

ArmureDuJakolass-covL’Ouvre-Temps clôturait en beauté quarante siècles d’aventures spatio-temporelles, une saga grouillante d’humanité (et surtout de non-humains), ayant exploré d’innombrables mondes, dues aux imaginaires conjugués de deux maîtres de la bande dessinée, Pierre Christin et Jean-Claude Mézières.

Mais une série ayant inspiré autant de créateurs, parcouru autant d’univers, ne pouvait totalement s’arrêter. Et d’ailleurs, dans les abîmes interstellaires, où se situent la fin et le commencement ?

C’est pourquoi Christin et Mézières ont souhaité confier leurs deux héros à quelques amis, triés sur le volet, pas pour une suite, surtout pas, mais pour une exécution en figures libres, une relecture d’un univers propice à toutes les interprétations…

Et quoi de plus amusant, de plus délirant et de plus émouvant, pour commencer, que de découvrir du Valérian vu par Larcenet ? Il ne s’agit bien sûr ni d’un pastiche, ni d’une suite respectueuse. C’est à la fois du vrai space-opéra méditant sur les espaces infinis, et du vrai Larcenet rigolant du tout, que va dévoiler L’Armure du Jakolass.

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Alita: Battle Angel trailer

James Cameron had been talking about this project for a long time and now it seems that it is finally a reality! Cameron is writing and producing; Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) is directing. The cast includes Rosa Salazar (Alita), Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein, Jackie Earle Haley, and Keean Johnson. It is scheduled for release on July 20, 2018. The teaser/trailer is available now on Youtube:

It is, of course, based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga Gunnm (銃夢 / Ganmu / lit. “gun dream”) which was translated in America as Battle Angel Alita. It was originally published in Japan by Shueisha in Business Jump magazine between 1990 and 1995, and was compiled in nine tankōbon (but republished later by Kodansha). The English version is published by Kodansha USA and the French version by Glénat. There was an animation adaptation in 1993.

Interesting facts: Cameron was first inspired by the manga when he created the TV series Dark Angel in 2000. Also, it seems that the main character will be entirely CGI animated and that Rosa Salazar is playing the role through motion-capture.

It looks quite interesting and visually faithful to the original. I can’t wait to see it and hope I won’t be disappointed.

Sources: AnimeLand, ICv2, IMdB, Wikipedia.

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Faux Ziegler but not fake humour

Last week on Facebook I stumbled upon this piece of cartoon signed “Ziegler”:


I found it extremely funny (but also quite sad) because it embodies everything that is wrong in Washington right now and particularly the Republicans’ hypocrisy (they pledged to never raise taxes but they do; they say they are against raising the deficit but they always  make it worse; they try to impeach a president on moral grounds but elect a treasonous crookserial sexual harasser and bully as president and want to put a child molester in the senate ! They always said they would removed those entitlement and, well, they kind of did… Where’s their moral high-ground now? How can they claim to be “good Christian” and allow this? They should be ashamed of themselves!).

So, kudos to the “cartoonist” for this excellent idea that pinpoint Washington’s ethical fallacies. Or is it? I noticed that the style of the cartoon is quite similar to what we find in magazine like The New Yorker, but the font used for the caption is totally wrong for this style — such cartoons usually put the caption in a italicized serif font… So the creator of this piece must have “repurposed” (meaning stole) a previous cartoon in order to create this hilarious concept by adding his own caption.

RealZieglerCartoonConsidering that the drawing is signed, it didn’t take me long to find the original. The concept is quite similar, so the “thief” just adapted it to the current political situation.

The original was created by Jack Ziegler and was indeed published in The New Yorker, a magazine well known for this style of cartoon. Unfortunately, Ziegler died last March. You can read tributes to his life and work in The New Yorker,  The New York Times and The Washington Post.

You can find many compilations of The New Yorker‘s cartoons in your local public library.

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