2017 in books

Readings2017chartThis year I have met my objective of reading twenty-five books (thanks to Goodreads Reading Challenge for keeping track). Unfortunately, of this number four were periodicals, I lost interest and stopped reading for four more and the rest (seventeen) was all mangas or comics! If I check my Goodreads stats, I’ve done better before. Therefore, one of my greatest wishes for 2018 will be to READ MORE! I’ll do my best and try to double down by pledging to read at least fifty books for 2018!

My best readings for 2017 were:

The other books I read and commented were:

I have many more books on my to-read pile (including some great novels) but I just have to find (or make) the time to read them! In the meantimes, I suggest to you the list of the Best Book Review Blogs of 2017 according to Reedsy and another list of book reviews blogs from WordPress. Hopefully, mine will figure in some of those lists one day (and maybe I could start receiving tons of review copies like in the good old days!). What about YOUR readings ?

Happy New Year

I wish you a great new year.

My greatest hope for 2018 is to find a better job (in a quieter library or a desk job — but preferably still with books), to read more, to finish repairing and improving the blog so I can finally concentrate mostly on writing, and to keep in good shape mentally and physically (i.e. sanity, health and maybe losing some weight) !

I hope the best for you all, my dear readers, friends and colleagues. Again, may Fortuna smiles upon you!

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