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This blog was hit by a couple of catastrophes in 2017 that broke many image links and introduced malicious lines of code that have now been neutralized but are still  disfiguring many older entries of the blog.

Please bear with us while we are undergoing the  long process of repairing the blog! The most important part of this blog is still there — the words to read and the ideas to share — but the aesthetic of the presentation has unfortunately suffered.

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This is an index of all the movie reviews of this blog. They are listed in alphabetical order of the titles, followed by the date the review was written and the category/tag of the review.

[ Traduire ]


All he knows right  (2014-09-21, Short)
An inconvenient sequel, (2018-02-25, documentary)
Antoki no Inochi  (2012-06-05, Movie)
Arrival  (2017-07-02, movie) 
At Home  (2015-08-19, movie) 


B/W Foxes and the Cave of Light  (2013-08-20, Short)
Big Eyes  (2016-12-20, movie)
Blade Runner 2049, (2018-04-15, Dvd / capsule)
Blindly in love  (2014-07-18, movie) 
Blood Bead  (2016-08-08, movie) 
Blossom Bloom  (2014-09-03, movie) 
Blowing in the wind of Vietnam  (2016-08-10, movie) 
Bomb Girls  (2012-02-19, TV) 
Botchan  (2013-08-24, movie)


Captain America: Civil War, (2018-04-15, Dvd / capsule)
Case of Kyoto, Case of Shuichi  (2014-07-27,  movie) 
Castle of Sand  (2015-06-27, movie) 
Crazy-ism  (2012-06-12, movie) 


Dalida, (2018-04-15, Dvd / capsule)
Dark Angel  (2017-01-07, TV)
Dear Deer  (2016-08-17, movie) 
Dear Étranger  (2017-09-03, movie) 
Devil Wears Prada, The  (2007-01-02, movie)
Devil’s path, The  (2013-08-27, movie)
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor”  (2013-11-25, TV)


Early Spring, Sakurajima  (2016-08-10, movie)
Eight Below  (2006-12-27, movie)
Eternal  (2016-12-31, movie) 
Eye in the sky  (2017-01-07, movie) 


Fantastic beast and where to find them  (2017-07-24, movie) 
Floating Castle, The  (2013-07-30, movie) 
Florence Foster Jenkins  (2017-07-02, movie) 
Flower of Shanidar, The  (2013-08-26, movie)
Free man, The  (2014-09-21, Short)
Frida  (2008-10-04, movie)


Gekko no Kamen  (2012-06-04, movie)
Ghost in the shell  (2017-08-07, movie/anime) 
Ghost of a chance, A  (2017-01-07, movie)
Girlfriend Experience, The  (2011-11-13, movie) 
Giver, The  (2017-01-07, movie)
Guardians of the Galaxy 2, (2018-04-15, Dvd / capsule)


Haman  (2016-08-15, movie)


Il Divo  (2017-07-24, movie) 
Independence Day: Resurgence  (2017-07-02, movie)
Inferno  (2017-07-02, movie)


Jackie  (2017-09-04, movie) 
Jason Bourne  (2017-07-02, movie) 
John Wick 2, (2018-04-15, Dvd / capsule)
Judas  (2014-09-16, movie)


Kagura-me  (2016-08-05, movie) 
Kemukujara  (2014-09-21, Short)
King Charles III  (2017-07-02, movie)
Kiyosu Conference, The  (2014-07-26, movie)


La La Land  (2017-07-02, movie)
Le Chat du Rabbin  (2015-01-11, Animation) 
Library Wars  (2013-08-06, movie) 
Little girl in me, The  (2013-08-19, movie) 
Love Story  (2010-01-22, movie)


Melody  (2008-10-19, movie)
Mourning recipe  (2014-07-25, movie) 
Muybridge’s strings  (2012-06-06, movie) 
MWFF 2005  (2005-09-14, event / movie)
MWFF 2009  (2009-09-25, event / movie) 


Next Generation Patlabor: Tokyo War, The  (2016-08-13, movie)
Ninja Hunter  (2016-08-03, movie)
No return on perishables  (2014-09-21, Short) 
Noise  (2017-08-27, movie)


One Third  (2014-08-24, movie) 
Our family  (2014-09-05, movie)


Phantom of the Opera  (2006-12-23, movie)
Pompeii  (2016-12-20, movie) 


Race  (2016-12-20, movie)
Roi Dance, Le  (2017-07-02, movie)


Sagan  (2011-01-01, movie)
Sakuran  (2013-02-25, movie) 
Salaud, on t’aime  (2014-08-24, movie) 
Samurai Gourmet  (2017-09-04, TV)
Scorch Trials (The), (2018-04-15, Dvd / capsule)
Seal of the Sun, The  (2016-08-29, movie)
Sherlock  (2010-09-27, TV)
Silence  (2017-07-24, movie) 
Stomach, The  (2014-09-01, Short) 
Sucker Punch  (2013-10-22, movie) 
Sue, Mai and Sawa (2016-10-30, movie) 
Suffragette  (2017-01-07, movie) 
Suicide Volunteers  (2014-09-21, Short) 


Tailor of Panama, The  (2006-12-26, movie)
Tale of Samurai Cooking, A  (2016-10-31, movie)
Tau Seru (2013-08-27, Short) 
Thermae Romae  (2013-07-18, Anime / Movie)
Tokyo Fiancée  (2016-08-02, movie) 
Tokyo: The City of Glass  (2014-08-30, movie) 
Triumph of the will  (2007-02-17, movie) 


Utopia  (2013-01-30,  TV) 


Valerian and the city of a thousand planets  (2017-07-24, movie) 
Victoria (Season 1)  (2017-01-07,  TV)
Visiteurs: La Révolution, Les  (2016-12-20, movie)


Walking Dead, The  (2011-01-03, TV)
Warcraft  (2017-07-24, movie)
What the health, (2018-02-19, documentary)
When the sun falls  (2014-09-21, Short)
Wonder Woman, (2018-04-15, Dvd / capsule)


X-Files (The): Season 11, (2018-04-15, TV / capsule)


Yamamoto Isoroku  (2012-08-27, movie) 
Young Doctor’s Notebook, A  (2013-01-18, TV)
YUL 871  (2009-08-25, movie) 


Zero Focus  (2015-06-17, movie)

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