Strange anecdote #02.018.020

On my way to work this morning (it WAS morning since it wasn’t noon yet) I had a strange experience. Going down the subway station, I was at the bottom of the first flight of stairs to the train platform when the metro started signalling it was about to close its doors and leave the station. Of course, like everyone does, I started to run in the hope to catch it before the doors close. Then I heard a man shouting way behind me “Sir, if you can make it please hold the door. Hold the door!”

He was screaming in a kind of desperate manner. However, it was not my intention to acquiesce to his request because holding the door is illegal (as it can cause unnecessary delays) and doing so could incur a steep fine. Anyway, I made it to the train in time and so did the man. No action (or inaction) was required after all. I never even noticed who had made the request. I thought the incident was closed. Still, for the whole length of the trip, the man’s words kept echoing in my mind: “Hold the door! Hold the door! Hold… door… Hodor! Hodor!”

What a weird experience!

(And damn you George R. R. Martin !)

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