(The entry’s title is a quote from Charles Schulz’ Charlie Brown)

The lights keeps flickering… The WiFi is often spotty and unreliable… And now my iMac is a zombie! Isn’t there anything working properly anymore ?!!

Ever since the last major OS update, the iMac started freezing now and then. Actually : almost every hour! So, I was suspecting a problem with Time Machine (it was freezing just as TM was about to start an incremental backup). I turned TM off, which didn’t totally solved the problem but considerably reduced its frequency.

Then, yesterday night, out of the blue, the iMac started to freeze again every few minutes. It slowed down to a slow pace and all applications refused to start and giving a “this application is not responding” instead (well, Safari was painstakingly loading).

My computer is a late 2012 iMac, with a 21.5 inches screen, 2.9 GHz processor, 16 GB RAM, 1.12 TB Fusion Drive and it is running MacOS 10.13.3. I admit, it’s already more than five years old. Any suggestion to solve this problem?

I unplugged all peripherals and restarted several times with no change. Finally, I decided to restart in Safe Mode and ran a few diagnostics, repaired the drive, checked for virus with Norton Security, but everything seemed normal save that the problem was PERSISTING even in Safe Mode !

Therefore, could it means that’s an hardware problem rather than software? Maybe the last update didn’t play well with the Fusion Drive, like I’ve heard on some board?

Until I fix this (or replace my iMac with something new — not better, you can’t get that these days), I am stuck working on my even older Mac Mini (Mid 2010) or on my iPad ! I guess I know now where this year’s tax return will go…

Update: The iMac seems to have recovered some functionality overnight, but it remains VERY slow and most big apps (like Mail or iMovie) still doesn’t load.

I wasted another week-end trying to make stuff work! Last week I also wasted almost the whole week-end on trying to improve the crappy Bell’s WiFi with some Netgear extender. It seems that Bell’s router doesn’t play nice not only with Apple’s Airport system but with some other brand too. I had to return the two extender I had purchased. Do they do that on purpose or what? And does Apple make their new OS to brick old computers on purpose too? Nothing Fu**ing works anymore!!! Aaugh !

More update (2018-03-25): The computer finally died (there was a problem with File Vault being on but the main problem was the hard drive after all) and is now at the repair shop. No computer for a week. I’ll manage with the Mac-mini and the iPad, I am sure. But, as soon as the tax return is in I’ll surely purchase a MacBook (either Air or Pro; recent models are pretty fast, even with minimum configuration — 8 or 16 GB of memory and a 256 or 512 GB of SSD storage — and refurbished models, not more than a year old, could be quite affordable).

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