Just to recapitulate: in the last month, I’ve been locked out of my blog a couple of times (it seems to have been a browser issue but a computer reboot solved the problem), fluctuation in the electricity made the lights flickers like all hell was breaking loose (called Hydro Q and so far it has stopped), the WiFi keeps being weak and spotty (it just Bell; I tried just about everything [like extenders and Bell’s pods] without success) and sometimes just stops completely (until I reset the marvellous Bell Home Hub 3000), my computer became slow and unresponsive until the hard drive completely died (I had the HD changed but nevertheless bought a MacBook Pro to replace my aging iMac), the toaster-oven caught in fire (had to replace it) and my absurd and insane work place is making me nuts (but I’m dealing better with it)!

As a result I’ve spent the last three week-ends trying to solve problems and not at all relaxing (like sleeping, writing or watching TV). I don’t sleep well, I have various digestion’s problems, it hurts all over (my back, my knee, my ankle — as well as in unmentionable places — as the stress piles up). I am exhausted, fed up, at my wits’ end… 

I need to rest!

Hopefully an extra day off spent doing a little writing, TV watching and tending of the yard will do the trick.

Happy Fish Day and Holy Rabbit to all!

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