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Tulips under the rain in Ottawa

Yesterday, we went to Ottawa to admire tulips under the rain. The famous Ottawa Tulip Festival was already over but the tulips were still there, in pretty good shape — although many were quite past their prime. In the beginning, it was rather deserted but as soon as the sky cleared, the crowd came back.

The tulip created for the one-hundred-fifty anniversary of the country, the Canada 150, was still omnipresent. I guess it represents well how Canadians see their country: it’s pure-white anglo with a streak of bloody French!

This year, considering the weather, we visited only the Commissioners Park around Dow’s Lake — although when it cleared we also went for a walk on Parlement Hill. But there was not only tulips to admire. There was many other plants and flowers, as well as a few critters.

Like in the past, I deplore that the tulips were badly identified: there was a sign telling which tulips are planted in each flower-beds, but nothing to let us know which tulip is which! Fortunately, there’s Google…

I took three-hundred-and-seventy-three pictures. Here I offers you a ten percent sample… Enjoy! (They can also be seen on my Flickr album and I’ll add some more in future flowery-wednesday pics)

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[ iPhone 8+ / Nikon D3300, Ottawa, 2018-05-22 ]