Electoral conundrum

On October 1st the population of Quebec will have to vote to put their favourite candidates in the National Assembly. I find myself in quite an electoral conundrum since the lack of leadership makes it impossible to find anyone worth of my support. Every party has good ideas, but also so many stupid ones. I began this reflection when my union started a campaign advocating not voting for either the Liberals or the CAQ because “they are all the same” and that “we deserve better”… But if not them, who?

I sincerely cannot vote for the Liberals (PLQ) even if they seem to have done a relatively good job with the economy (although if you look closely…). Or at least they didn’t make the situation worse as they kept the debt in check by imposing a policy of extreme austerity cutting a lot in the social services (and then giving some of it back… just before the election!). Unfortunately, they really seems to be the least worst of the choices. However, historically, they represent everything that was bad for Quebec. It is a federalist party and its liberalism is rather tainted by conservatism influences (more centrist-right).  And in good conscience, I cannot vote for a party that have maintained in position such an incompetent Health Minister who has wreck havoc in the system! I cannot vote for a party that has refused to negotiate its workers’ pensions and instead unilaterally imposed changes on a deal that had been agreed by both parties, shoving it down the throats of the workers! I cannot vote for a party that is allowing municipal governments to impose their working conditions on their employees. They have ruined over an hundred years of union struggle and rendered union meaningless. And, besides, I hate the colour red. (Wikipedia)

I cannot vote for the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) either because they are inexperienced, their program is a mish-mash of everything (mostly centre-right fiscal conservative ideas) and their labor policies are even worse than the liberals’. They say they are rather autonomist than sovereignist. They are blend. They are the PQ diet and yet too similar to the liberals. Some say they are fascist. Probably the worst option…  However, since they are leading in every recent polls, it seems that they will be the choice of the people (as usual, as counter-reaction to the liberals)! (Wikipedia)

I will not vote for the Parti Québecois (PQ) because they had their chance and were so obsessed with sovereignty that they dropped the ball and made everything worse. They had great ideas but now their time has passed. They are has-been. They are the shadow of themselves. Their ideas are outdated. Their stubbornness annoys me so much. The world’s politics and economy are different now and demand different choices. (Wikipedia)

It is not worth vote for Québec Solidaire because, if they have many good social-democrats ideas, they are a little too much on the left for most people to have any chance of being elected. Personally, I like the moustache, but I cannot give my support to any party that harbour the leader of the Printemps Érable, as I cannot stand arrogance and stupidity (daring to compare their petty demands for free tuition with the struggle against authoritarian regimes and poverty in the Arab world!). I agree with the bulk of their program (Democratic socialism, Alter-globalization, Environmentalism but not with their sovereigntism — too late for that), but it’s still too radical to be realistically implemented without groundbreaking changes of policy (for example the nordic model requires a very high level of taxation) that would scare most of the population. Those are changes that you bring with time, through education, over more than a generation. (Wikipedia)

Usually, in such situation, I vote for the Green Party (my favourite colour) but I just realized how radical their platform is. They are the only left-federalist party in Quebec. Their program seems similar to the social-democracy of Québec Solidaire, tinted with the ecological green of Greenpeace and a dash of veganism (organic farming and animal rights), but it goes to the extreme. For example: they are against electric cars (battery production necessitating rare earth mining, but why not just lobby against bad mining practice?)!!! They are against the government decision to prohibit shale hydraulic fracturing projects (because it’s not going far enough). Why not go for small victories first? Lets worry now about having air to breathe and water to drink, and worry later about mining practices and nuclear centrals! Let’s not be picky. It is a battle for survival that will be won with incremental economic policies not with an eco-warrior mentality! If you really want to save the planet and want to be extreme, why not just advocate the extinction of the human race while you are at it? Anyway, so far, they don’t have any candidate in my riding… (Wikipedia)

I wish there would be a rhino party like in the good old time (at the Federal level) that allowed you to annul your vote with a jest. It’s more fun than just a blank vote… Hopefully something will inspire me once I am in the voting booth (the force, a distilled holy spirit or the green fairy) and I’ll know what to do then…

Update (2018/09/16): I just discovered that there was two more candidates in my riding from small or almost extinct parties…

The New Democratic Party of Quebec (NPDQ) seems to have interesting ideas. Basically, they are a federalist party with a social democrat platform similar to QS or the Greens. Unfortunately, they are way too small to have any significative impact. (Wikipedia)

The Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) is a fourth federalist option (after the PLQ, the NDPQ and the Greens). Their program offers pro-business ideas, fiscal conservatism, libertarianism, federalism. Despite efforts to paint themselves as centre-right they are the most right-wing party in Quebec. Insignificant, irrelevant, preposterous, almost laughable. (Wikipedia)

I still don’t have any viable option to vote for… Anyone but the CAQ (or the Liberals)! 

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