About reading

Each time I see a new book I am taken by the deep desire to read it. However, if I try, I find out that I often don’t have the energy or the attention span to do so anymore. Why reading has gotten so hard? Is it because of age? The fact that I have less energy now? Or that having such a large field of interests makes me too busy (or being too spread out) and I have difficulty adding more activity to my schedule? So many books, so little time!

Reading is extremely rewarding but it is also very time consuming. So, I guess I am losing patience after a while, taking the lazy path of watching TV instead. Also, if I am reading, I am not writing about books. And if I am writing about some books, I can’t read other books. I really have to work that out and find the strength and patience to keep reading. There is so much wealth and experience and pleasure in each story! How can I be so weak that I find myself passing on this?

As I often say, I cannot wait to retire and have more time to read. I don’t understand how people can have a job, kids or pets, go out, travel, go run a marathon or train and still have time to read books (without burning out, of course) ! My house (and the world!) is filled with marvellous books waiting for me to appreciate, discover and love them! Well, there’s only 3158 days left before I am liberated from my obligation to work productively for society. Maybe sooner if I manage my stuff well (or if I am lucky). I just need to be a little more patient. And maybe read a book to spend the time…

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