Vegan Fest 2018


Like a couple of years ago, we went to the Vegan Fest. However, this year it was held at the Palais des Congrès de Montreal (new metro Place-d’Armes) on October 21st and 22nd. With such a venue, the festival was bigger but still quite compact so it was quite crowded and difficult to circulate. Also the conference area was much smaller and less accessible, so I didn’t bother to listen to any of the presentation.

This year there was a lot of cosmetic products, non-dairy cheese and desserts as well as fermented (Kombucha) or herbal tea. We have noticed A LOT of interesting products and organisations that deserve a further look (check their websites):

There was one local products in particular that I was looking for at the Vegan Fest because I had seen it talked about in culinary TV shows: Gusta’s sausages and cheeses. Their plant-based deli “meats” are made from wheat protein (saitan) and their grating cheeses are made from coconut oil and various plant milks. I tasted their meat substituted and the taste is pretty close. Check it out:

Mélanie and Jimmy

Mélanie and Jimmy

Last year my wife met a nice couple, Mélanie and Jimmy, who had quit their jobs to become farmer in the small municipality of Boileau, in the Outaouais region. On their one-acre farm, La Ferme de l’Aube, they are cultivating a variety of over seventy vegetables, fruits, fines herbs and flowers. They are great advocate of biologic and vegan farming. They were at the Vegan Fest again this year, selling organic seeds and garlic. You can check their webpage and FB page. I greatly admire people who chose to become farmer because it is not an easy job and yet it is essential work. I think the future of a healthy life can be found is in locally produced, organic food. So I exhort everyone to encourage our local farmers. They surely need our support.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of stuff I’ve seen at the Vegan Fest that seriously annoyed me. I favour wholeheartedly the health aspect of veganism , but I seriously despise the political and militant part. I am okay with avoiding red meat, eating lots of plant-based food, treating animals and the environment with respect, but for me vegan philosophy goes too far. I particularly don’t understand this war that is currently waged against milk products. Personally, I don’t drink milk (I prefer Soy milk) but I like a lot my yogurt and cheese. I don’t mind eating plant-based cheese (so far, what I’ve tasted seems close in texture and taste) but I don’t see any purpose for it if you are not lactose intolerant. Why not appreciate the real stuff. Our dairy farmers needs our support too, you know!

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