20 Years of Protoculture


This article was first published in Protoculture Addicts #94 (Nov.-Dec. 2007): 21-27. It was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the magazine. For this version, I have added a few details and corrections, and I have omitted some illustrations (but added some new ones), as well as removed the sidebars (Uh?! for episodes 1-6, Top Uh?!, Where are they now) and the articles’ index that were part of the original article.

It might be hard to believe, but this magazine has been in publication for twenty years. I, myself, am amazed by this fact. Twenty years already? It didn’t feel that long. But, yeah, I’ve spent nearly half my life working on Protoculture Addicts, and I don’t regret a single moment of it. Like any anniversary, it makes me nostalgic (well, the fact that I am listening to soundtracks from Macross, Mospeada and Robotech while writing this certainly add to this feeling). It makes me think of the good ol’ years, of friends that I have not seen in a long time. But there’s no time for melancholy— anniversaries need to be celebrated! In the past, when I wanted to do a special issue, I usually added more colour. 

Unfortunately, I cannot do that now since we are already full-colour and we are still not big enough to add goodies like a free DVD. However, I quickly realized that the best way to celebrate the magazine was to tell you its story. I am sure that, once you know a little more about where it’s coming from, you’ll better appreciate the magazine. After all, it started like an episode of Comic Party or Doujin Work—a crazy idea in the mind of a bunch of idle college kids. So please, gather around, be quiet (gee, I feel like Uncle Carl when he was telling one of his anecdotes), and listen to this very special anime story… 

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Bonne et heureuse année 2019


En ce dernier jour du cycle solaire, je souhaite à tous que la nouvelle année vous soit meilleure et favorable en tous points. Que Janus veille sur votre passage vers cette 2772 ème année ab urbe condita (ou l’an MMXIX CE du calendrier grégorien, ou l’an Heisei 30 [平成30年]). Puissiez-vous vivre longtemps et prospérer…

On this last day of the solar cycle, I wish everyone a better and favourable new year in all respects. May Janus watch over your passage towards this 2772 nd year ab urbe condita (or the year MMXIX CE of the Gregorian calendar, or the year Heisei 30 [平 成 30 年]). May you live long and prosper …