Deserved end

I am exasperated by human behaviours. Most animals will never shit where they eat and will never hurt others unless in self-defence, self-preservation or to eat. While humans, lately, don’t care about anyone but themselves and will go out of their way to hurt others simply by pleasure, by revenge or even for no reasons at all. It is a mean, selfish creature that is slowly killing everything on this planet just because it wants stuff. Frankly, why fight against our own destructive nature and try to save ourselves? Or why try to even give our worthless selves a peaceful end? Why not go all the way toward a well deserved end?

I wish I was a recluse, away from all this stupidity. But I am not, so I always do my best not to hurt anyone and to help when I can. To give the other cheek. And it hurts to see all the others not giving back the same respect. People act selfishly, stupidly, against their own interest because they don’t make the effort to understand, to learn, to follow logic. I am exasperated and I am afraid. Afraid that I will eventually become like them, a beast. I am already becoming grumpy and resentful. If it is indeed our true nature to be not an animal but a beast, maybe it is also for me a deserved end…

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