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Beside the usuals (season 5 of Poldark, season 7 of Elementary, season 5 of Killjoys), this week I also watched episode 12 (season 6) of The 100, a Hunger Game look-alike; the third episode of Pandora, a Star Trek wannabe; and episode 12 of Blood & Treasure, an amusing Indiana Jones facsimile. Yes, I was entertained, but could only wonder: “is there any really original TV shows left for us to watch?”

The third episode of Pandora offers good enough writing (nothing genius but that’s okay). The plot thickens, the special effects improve and the actors seem to find some sort of balance — but it is still not a stellar performance. Maybe worth continuing watching…

TheBoysPosterAnother new show is The Boys on Amazon Prime Video which is based on a comic book that I haven’t read or even heard about until now. It is a superheroes TV series with some dark humor (a little like Deadpool) which shows the darker side of the supes (it also reminds me a lot of Watchmen), presenting them just as merchandizing pawns of a corporation — each one is a kind of parody of an existing superhero: Superman, Flash, Wolverine, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, etc. They are being targeted by a rag tag group of people who all suffered from the superheroes exploits’ collateral damage and want to get back at them. It is entertaining, well made and, so far (after three episodes), good enough to keep my interest (ratings of 9 on IMDb and of 79% on Rotten Tomatoes). It’s well worth watching.stars-3-5

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