New signage in the park

IMG_5999This afternoon I have noticed a new signage in the park urging cyclists to slow down — and even just walk along-side their bike — while approaching the hill going down to the Émile-Journault entrance. This signage is quite welcomed since I have often noticed cyclists going down the hill (in both direction) at very high speed at the risk of hitting pedestrians or other cyclists coming in or out the park though the Émile-Journault entrance and having limited visibility on the polyvalent trail because of the vegetation. There was probably complaints (or even accidents) prompting the introduction of this new signage. Unfortunately, the signs are small and not very visible and, of course, I haven’t seen a single cyclist respecting it (among the dozen that passed by while I was walking —when do cyclists respect the signs after all ?). Nice try, though.

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One thought on “New signage in the park

  1. Strangely, today, when I walked on the park’s trail for my week-end health stroll, all the signage had disappeared… WTF?

    Was it there for for a special ponctuel event? Or was it an unapproved signage? We’ll probably never know. Anyone has an idea of what happened here?


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