Shower thought about death

Strangely, when I was young I thought a lot about death (it was quite apparent in my poetry). At that age, its romantic attraction is strong. It doesn’t take much to get discouraged and almost every obstacle or setback brings despair. So, I spent a lot of time fighting against its appeal.

However, as I grew older, having seen more of the world, I became better equipped by experience to face the challenges and rebuttals of life. You tend to get more of a “fuck it” attitude toward problems and you know that there’s nothing romantic about it. You are also more aware of how little time left you could have and that anything could happen to reduce it even more. And you know that you still have tons of things you want to accomplish and want to cram as much as possible in the little time you have left. So, no, you don’t lose much time thinking about death anymore…

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