Derelict in a sea of corruption

As you see my soul is rotten
Lost somewhere between hell and heaven
In one of those grey areas of twilight
Between darkness and light

I fear that darkness is more fascinating
As death and corruption fills my writing
Do we find boredom only in yang’s territory?
Or is it because I enjoy being unhappy?

The evil Lord was right:
Darker is the feeling
Stronger it will be

But before my troth to you I plight
Indeed, I beseech you in believing
That there’s still something good in me


Note: For some reason, in the late eighties, I started writing poetry in English (probably because I was reading a lot in this language and was getting more at ease with it). In this specific case, as it is dedicated “To J.”, it reminds me that at the time I was courting a young woman from Ontario. We met in Montreal, at the university, and kept corresponding for a while (after she started attending the University of Ottawa). Of course, I was writing poetry for her! She was a comic books fan so you’ll notice the Star Wars’ reference…

The poem was signed “Sejanus” (a Latin name which evoke my first name, C.J., and Janus, the roman god of beginnings and endings, therefore of transitions, of past and future). It is a sonnet which, although heterometric, has rhymes (aabb ccdd ecf ecf)…

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