Let me out of here!

I’m crying because I’m alone
My heart is cast of stone
If I feel other lights in the Realm
It seems that I can’t reach them

Let me out of here!

Everything is cold and mute
I’m a prisoner in a jail of flesh
I will escape, I’m resolute
I will be the new Gilgamesh

Let me out of here!

I knocking my bloody fist
Against the wall of my humanity
I want to go, cease to exist
Escape from all this insanity

Let me out of here!

As ever nothing is totally free
Sometime the price of freedom
Is another kind of captivity
So who want of this kingdom?

Let me out of here!

No, the universe is not perpetual partying
But a gaping hole where we keep falling
Fear the day when we’ll hit the ground
‘Cause the Styx’ freezin’ water will touch our crowns

Let me out of here!

Yes, I go around alone in society
‘Cause I hate the disembodied presence
Of this awkward and unsightly humanity
Only in suffering there’s less repugnance

Obsecro, libera me!


Note: This poem doesn’t respect any traditional form as it is made of six quatrains (stanza of four lines) with loose or poor rhymes (predominantly crossed, ABAB). As usual for me, it is heterometric (the metrical length varying from six to twelve syllables with an average of nine).

It explains the feeling we can find in the expression “please stop the planet ‘cause I want to get off” ! I felt cramped and trapped in this physical form and I wanted to be more (by killing myself?) or I felt dead and I wanted to really live? I felt lonely and disappointed in my fellow humans… 

I was not satisfied with this poem and I reworked it several time, adding a few more stanza. The last two were added in French and it felt awkward to have a bilingual poem, so (luckily) I succeeded to translate them while somehow preserving the rhyming (although it still sounds better in French, see bellow). I also added the last line in latin (please, free me!). [2020/01/08]

[ Traduire ]


Non, l’univers n’est pas une perpétuelle fête
Mais un trou béant où nous tombons sans cesse
Craignez le jour où nous toucherons le fond
Car alors l’eau glacée du Styx touchera nos têtes

Laissez-moi sortir d’ici!

Oui, Je vais seul de par le monde
Car je hais la compagnie désincarnée
De cette disgracieuse humanité
Et seul, la souffrance est moins immonde

Laissez-moi sortir d’ici!

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