How to keep customers (un)happy

Some companies (like Amazon) know how to keep their customers happy. If you order an item online, they tell you it will be delivered on Monday while you actually (sometimes) receive it on Friday. You are agreeably surprised and happy. Most of the time you get the item on time and you are still happy.

Meanwhile, other companies (like those shipping with Canada Post) don’t get it. When the item is shipped, the Canada Post tracking website tells you that it will be delivered Friday. But you don’t receive it and at night the website is updated and it tells you that it will be delivered Monday instead. That would already be bad because it is the reverse of the situation described above and you end up frustrated and unhappy.

However, on Monday you still don’t get the delivery and, at night, the website is updated, telling you that it will be delivered Tuesday instead. Of course, you still don’t received the parcel and at night the website is updated with new information telling you that it is out for delivery and that you will get it (really) Wednesday by the end of day…

I just wonder how long they can keep this up…

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Update (2020/01/08): This time it was indeed delivered — on Wednesday, January 8th, at 17h19. The mailman didn’t ring the door bell and just put the parcel in the mailbox. Although, he looked at it a few seconds and then took it out of the mailbox to put it in a frozen flower pot, on the ground, underneath the mailbox. I have no idea why. Go figure… But the fact that it was delivered late and just left on the ground made me mad as hell !

However, just to make my point (again), the same mailman came back eight minutes later and put another parcel in the mailbox. It contained two used comics (bande-dessinées) that I had ordered ten days ago through and that I was told would be delivered between January 10th and January 31st! Understandably, I was agreeably surprised and quite happy…

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