Pictorial chronicle [002.020.097]

Expression of hope

We are into the third week of confinement — actually it’s the nineteenth day. Beside reading and writing, the only activities that we can really do is working around the house, gardening and taking a walk in the park. Since it is the beginning of spring we can witness the marvellous awakening of nature: the neighbour’s crocus show their colours, our daffodils are shooting out of the ground, Canadian geese are bathing in a water puddle, the park is taking a few more colours with the greening of the grass and the apparition of the first flowers, butterflies are coming out and even the groundhog is doing some spring cleaning! The days are getting warmer and warmer…

[ iPhone 11 Pro / Nikon D3300, around Frederic-Back Park, 03/31 – 04/06 ]

During our daily walk in the park this afternoon (I am happy to report that there was not too many people and that everyone kept their distance) we observed at least five different species of birds: a couple of mallard ducks in a little stream, a couple of Canadian geese in a water puddle, five turkey vulture (Urubu in French) circling in the sky, a few crows passing by and one lonely bird with long legs running around busily (most probably a Killdeer — Pluvier kildir in French). It was a beautiful spring day!

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