Status report (mid-April)


The life in the time of the coronavirus continues… Not much have changed since my first status report at the end of March (I can’t believe it was just two weeks ago!). Since then I kept busy by reading, watching TV and writing on this blog. I wrote a few book comments (Félin pour l’autre vol. 1, Miss Hokusai 2, The Walking Dead vol. 25, The Walking Dead vol. 26, The empire of corpses vol. 1) and some movie comments (Cézanne et moi, Alpha, The chaperone, Crazy Rich Asians, Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran). I also commented on some anime (The garden of words, The empire of corpses), noted a few noteworthy news (Anime & manga news, 43th Japan Academy Prize), talked about Spring (Expression of hope, Un quartier fleuri, Ménage du printemps?) and shared some poetry.

We have been under confinement for a month now. After a while just reading and writing, or watching a little TV and taking a stroll, gets boring. So I change my routine a little. I wrote less and worked in the garden more (cleaning the backyard, preparing the flower/vegetable beds, chipping piece by piece the stubborn tree stump). I also undertook a new project: changing the toilet bowl and sink in the basement washroom. It’s more complicated than I thought (nothing is standard in this damn old house) but it’s getting there. After that I’ll change the sink in the toilet of the first floor… There are plenty of stuff to do to spend time.

I try to avoid the news. It’s too depressing. I think we are dealing with the crisis well, here. However, the U.S. are a real train wreak. That’s what you get when your leader is a moron. Pity. The recovery will be long but we’ll get there.

Stay safe.

Update (04/17): I was plagued for two months and half by a kidney stone. It was quite painful from time to time and was messing with my whole system. It finally passed. Hurray! 

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