Fragments III


The storm is coming for good
The weather again match my mood
My karma stand within the cyclone
With few thoughts on what should be done

I feel a strange power rising
The wind blows strongly like passion
The trees are mimicking my soul
Their leafs upside-down, torn apart

In this season everything is falling
Leafs, moral, empires and even dimensions
All is so beautiful, but I’m not a fool
I know that deception can also be an art

But even if I fear the shipwreck of my heart
Even if I feel that this will end in the dark
I must tame the voices of the night, this bane
Who shake my soul, incredible destroyer

For there must be something beyond the pain
As winter is always followed by the summer
This power who bring death also do miracle
And I would be fragments without this full circle


Notes: Here is the conclusion of this thirty year-old series of poetic fragments from my notebooks (See part I and part II). Five quatrains, heterometric but somewhat rhyming (poorly and without a specific scheme). It’s not great art, but I like it.

[ Traduire ]

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