Happy birthday to moi


[iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Q60T, 2002/05/23 ]

This year I gave myself a new TV for my anniversary. With the confinement I was watching more TV so I decided I was deserving an upgrade (my old Sony Bravia 40 in. is still in working condition but it is over ten years old!). I was looking for a recent model of smart 4K TV (UHD HDR LED) 50 or 55 in., with three HDMI input, compatible with Airplay 2 and under $800. The airplay requirement was leaving only four choices: LG (which I don’t like and it would be weird to have a TV of the same brand than my refrigerator), Samsung, Sony (too expensive) and Vizio (not carried by many stores).

I chose the Samsung TU8000 50″ and ordered it from Centre Hi Fi since it was in stock, with reasonable warranty and shipping cost (and they were promising quick delivery). Unfortunately, the salesman called me to tell it was back-order and that it would take several weeks to get it. I was pissed so he offered me instead a Samsung QLED Q60T at a very advantageous price (less than $100 extra). I got it a few days later, just in time for my birthday.

Now I am nearly sixty year-old and quite exhausted, having done a lot of yard and garden work (rising the concrete slabs in the shed to prevent water accumulation and planting an apple tree to replace the white ash that we had to cut down last fall), so I just want to sit down and rest — maybe read a book, write a little about it and watch something on my brand new 4K TV. With all this work I have read and wrote much less than I wanted.

However, the peaceful time I experienced this last two months is coming to an end. I won’t have much time left to do yard work, read or write anymore as I have been recalled to work. I’ll be working outside (for a change!) right in the middle of an heat-wave (one of the earliest the region has ever had)! And then back to the library and all those marvellous books. But I suspect that it will never be the same…

By the way, there are only 2555 days left before my real retirement !

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