Black fox?

Friday we’ve spotted a creature in the Park (near entry #20, Deville street, along the building of what was Frank & Dino Aliments). It looked like a fluffy black cat, with a long fluffy tail and a longer and more pointy nose than usual. It was moving quickly, with agility, staying close to the ground. It looked strange for a cat. I couldn’t take any picture but our first thought was “Could that be a fox?”. My wife once saw a fox in the park. Usually foxes are red but I know that some can have darker colour. A quick search on the internet confirmed that in Canada the Silver fox has a black fur with white tips and that there are increased sighting of them in the GTO. So, why not in here? 

Although, after looking at the pictures on the web, I am not so sure. The creature we saw had no white tip on the tail and foxes walk taller, looking more like a dog than a cat. Maybe it was a youngster. Or maybe it was just a fluffy black cat with a long fluffy tail and a longer and more pointy nose than usual… Has anyone seen something like that?

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My nephew suggests that the creature we saw was a Fisher (a.k.a. the “Fisher Cat” or “Pékan” or “Martre pêcheuse” in French — the scientific name is Martes pennanti). It is in the family of the Mustelidae (like the weasels, otters and ferrets). He says he saw one last year in a park of Montreal and, indeed, there had been many sightings in the West Island and southshore. I agree that it is certainly a suitable candidate (although the creature we saw looked a little smaller, fluffier and I am not sure it was moving in a hopping way like the Fisher). Here are a few videos to give you an idea of what the Fisher looks like: Complètement Animal: Le Pékan, Fisher cat vs squirrel, Fisher cat in Vermont snow, Meet the Fisher, Fisher in North Bay, Ontario. I’ll keep an eye on the area in case I could see it again and confirm this identification.

Samedi Nature [002.021.310]

4 thoughts on “Samedi Nature [002.021.310]

  1. J’ai déjà vu, durant le premier confinement, un pékan dans un parc de Montréal (eng. Fisher, lat. Martes pennanti). Ça coure à ras le sol un peu comme un chat, c’est encore plus agile, certains sont entièrement noirs, le museau est plus pointu et la queue bien touffue. Serait-ce une hypothèse valable ?


  2. Après avoir regardé des vidéos de Pékan, je crois que ça pourrait bien être ça. Quoiqu’il me semble que la bête qu’on a vu était un peu plus petite, avec une queue plus “fluffé” et je ne me souviens pas qu’elle avait une démarche aussi ondulante… Mais, bon, c’est des caractéristiques qui peuvent varier d’un individu à l’autre… Pour l’instant on va le considérer comme le candidat le plus probable mais je vais garder un oeil sur le coin et peut-être que je pourrai le revoir (et même le prendre en photos)… Merci de l’info.


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