I was watching yesterday a documentary on CNN (“The Hunt for Planet B”) about the James Webb Space Telescope which, after so many delays, will finally launch from French Guiana on December 18 (see its official Nasa website). It’s an infrared telescope with much more sensitivity than Hubbles which, among many other things, will push further our knowledge of the universe by looking for the very first galaxies and habitable exoplanets. 

On that documentary there was this guy reading Sidereus Nuncius (“The sidereal messenger”) by Galileo Galilei. Of course, it couldn’t be the original edition (published in 1610 by Thomas Baglioni in Venice) because it is a very rare book. It must have been a replica. My first reaction was, “I want that book.” I have always been into old books but they are very expensive and I cannot afford to purchase many of them — and certainly not rare edition which are priceless. It made me realized that purchasing replica could be an option. I quickly googled it to see if it was available. I could always make my own by using one of the many scanned files in PDF format (there is even translations available) but, of course, there are also several replica editions available on amazon. A purchase that I will seriously consider…

I already knew about old books replica, as my nephew mentioned he had purchased copies of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks (also available on Amazon from various publishers) but I never considered acquiring any. Now I am starting to have the hitch… Let’s see… which other great old books could I find replica of? Some facsimiles seems as expensive as the real thing! There is really a great market for old and ancient books and, if I prefer to go to ancient book fairs where I can browse through the books myself, there are also many purchasing options on the internet. In the course of my researches, I have even discovered that you can purchase on Etsy bundles of old books to decorate your house or give a more respectable look to your bookshelves ! The internet cannot cease to amaze me…

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