VI. Thoughts (of the day) on human rights 

If you make your laws according to your religion and your moral then you are not a democracy. Your are a theocracy and you are no better than the Talibans. The Funding Fathers of the United States wrote the Constitution on the basis of the Separation of Church and State to avoid anything resembling what they wanted to escape — the totalitarianism and domination of a monarchy. If you go this way you are going backward…

Nobody is in favour of abortion. No one want an abortion. It is a solution that you take in last resort when you have exhausted all other possibilities (planned parenthood, contraceptive, adoption, etc.) and you have no other choices. Bad things happen (incest, rape, health issues for the baby, the mother or both) and if the need arise a woman should have the choice. No woman should be forced into a pregnancy that put her physical, mental or economical health in jeopardy. (Democrats and defenders of women’s rights should have better messaging!)

If you take away the right of women to chose what would be next? The same-sex marriage? The mixed-race marriage? The voting right of minorities? According to the extreme right none of those are guaranteed in the American Constitution. They say that life begins at conception (although some scientists say that a human brain is not completely formed until five or six year-old…) and therefore all those frozen embryos must be considered human. If they take full power of the country we could see the day when they force some women (Prisoners? Minorities? Underprivileged?) to carry those frozen embryos to term… Then we would not be far from what is considered science-fiction today (The Handmaid’s Tale anyone?)…

People will defend a right that they want. They will fight harder to defend a right that they had and lost… The Future will always be a struggle. Ours might be a socio-political war!

And now, for something completely different, maybe the worse war crime is for Europa to coward in front of the Russian scarecrow’s nuclear bluff, leaving the Ukrainians alone to stop the tide of his juvenile and distopic anger ???

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