Living Pain

You have probably noticed that I haven’t blogged much in the last month and half. It’s because I have not been feeling well. In the last year and half I have been experiencing migraine (often triggered by crouching, sneezing or coughing) and changing medication about every six months trying to find one that is more effective (like Rizatriptan or Amitriptyline). So far the medication was reducing the frequency and intensity, or eliminating some of the triggers, but not making the migraine disappear. Unfortunately the last medication (Topamax) has not been effective at all and in the last month or so I have been living in almost constant pain. It is quite frustrating. 

A few months ago I also started a new job (support staff in the technology department of a law enforcement agency) that is exciting and stimulating, but the migraine makes concentrating and multitasking difficult. I come back home exhausted — I must also admit that I am not getting any younger (I just can’t believe that I am sixty!!) and don’t have the energy to write or, sometimes, even read. I just eat, watch tv and go to bed… That’s not good. And winter is coming…

I am already doing my best to be healthy: good diet, biking to work (in summer), walking in the park as often as possible. I’ll be trying to do more. I’ll ask the neurologist to change the medication again. Lately, I tried to catch up a little on my readings and this week-end I am trying to catch up a bit on my writing. A little.

Curate vosmetipsos et salvi sitis, lectores mei!
<Take care and be safe, my dear readers!>

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