Pro Carmelus

Reposes en paix

Mon si beau Caramel

Auprès de Saya, va…

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I miss... caressing the
softness of his warm fur
the gentle nudge of his nose
when he wanted something
his paw pushing me away
when he was tired of it
his gentle bite when
I didn't get the hint

He was the cutest
but shy of caress
only coming to us
when he was hungry or
when we were sleeping
like all the others
he got old and sick
departing too soon

To keep him from misery
We had to part ways
Leaving us saddened
and with an empty house
until the spare from the garage
learned to be a house cat
bringing us again happiness
and many fond memories...
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Poésie du dimanche [002.023.029]

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