Still cut off from the world

I am still without internet. I has been a little more than a week. It seems that Bell has now identify where the interruption is located on its Fibe Internet network. There is a fiber optic connections box that is open to all winds at the top of a telephone post nearby but it is located on private property and the owner refuses to honour the right of way of the Bell servitude to allow the technicians to do the repair. It is now in the hand of Bell’s legal department. I suppose that they will get a court order to force the owner to honour his obligation. I am therefore expecting a much longer outage…

Up to now I was without any internet which also means no IP phone, no television, no security camera, no connected smoke detectors or thermostat or garage door, etc. All I have now is my cell phone. It is surprising the amount of essential stuff in a house that depends on the internet now a day. I couldn’t do any remote working nor manage the blog. It causes me a tremendous loss of use and even psychological stress. The most frustrating is the fact that Bell seems in no hurry to find solutions… They could have done the repair from the start using a bucket truck (aka cherry picker) but they refused to do so. I will recount the whole ordeal later.

I have purchased and installed a mesh wi-fi extender system that allow me to use my sister wi-fi (she’s living on the upper floor of our duplex and has Vidéotron cable internet). I now have a strong enough wi-fi that allows me to work, watch TV (using the Bell Fibe TV app and Appleplay) and the phone is back (to the great relief of my wife). It is far from perfect but at least I feel I can live again… And spring is really here. It almost feels like summer. It is so good to be back!

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Status Report [002.023.106]

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