J’ai déjà traité de ce sujet dans mon article “L’Art subtil du commentaire-critique” (ou sa version antérieure, en anglais, “The controversial art of reviewing”) mais comme on me demande de temps temps la signification de chaque valeur de mon système de pointage je le répète ici en rappel.

I have already dealt with this subject in my article (in French) “L’Art subtil du commentaire-critique” (or in its previous version, in English, “The controversial art of reviewing”) but from time to time I am asked the meaning of each value of my point system so I repeat it here as a reminder.

stars-0-0 0 / .5

Nul / Pathetic

Un navet (Indice à n’utiliser que très rarement) / Don’t even think about this title (You should use this rating quite rarely)

 1 / 1.5

Pauvre / Poor

Ne mérite pas d’attention (Indice à utiliser rarement) / It’s not worth wasting your time and money on this title (Use this rating rarely)


Passable / Fair

Décevant, comporte de l’intérêt surtout pour les mordus ou les curieux / Disappointing, but if you’re curious you can always check it out or flip through it at the library


Moyen / Average

Ordinaire, à voir mais sans plus / it’s a title worth watching or reading, but maybe you should just rent it or borrow it—from a friend or the public library


Bon / Good

Intéressant / An interesting title that I recommend purchasing


Très bon / Very Good

Très Recommandé / A great title that is definitely recommended

4 / 4.5

Excellent / Excellent

À voir/lire absolument ! (soyons aussi parcimonieux avec ce genre d’indice) / An absolute must-see or read title (use this rating rarely)



Chef d’œuvre !! (ce genre d’indice devrait être très rare) / It’s a masterpiece or instant classic worth collecting (such titles are exceptional and therefore this rating should be used parsimoniously)

J’évite de donné des évaluations en dessous de 2.5 ou au-dessus de 4. Quand je transfert un commentaire vers un site qui n’utilise pas de demi-point (comme Goodreads) j’arrondi généralement vers le BAS (donc un 3.5 deviendra un 3).

I avoid giving ratings below 2.5 or above 4. When I transfer a comment to a site that does not use half points (like Goodreads) I generally round it down (so a 3.5 rating will become a 3).

Damn you Apple !

Sad-Apple-Logo-FrownYou really don’t make things the way you used to.

I tried to install Catalina on my MacBook Pro but I got a message telling me there was not enough space and got stuck in a restart loop after that. I found some suggestions on how to resolve this on the web (apparently it is a common problem). I had to wipe my drive and re-install everything from the Time Machine backup. Then I erased some (backed-up) stuff and tried re-installing Catalina again. That took me an entire evening!

And that’s only the first computer… I also have an iMac to update.

Then I kept getting an alert message saying to “Update AppleID Settings” again and again despite me updating the said settings! I tried a few remedies found on the web (apparently I am not alone with that problem) but only turning iCloud off, restarting and resigning in, worked. (Same problem with the iMac!)

And that’s without saying that there’s now so much security and passwords that it’s hard to get anything done!

And with Catalina I am losing Microsoft Office (and a few other older utilities, mostly for video conversion) that were never updated to 64-bit. I will have to get used to LibreOffice

All in all, I wasted nearly two days with this installation… Very disappointed !

That’s all f***ing annoying !

At the same time I keep having wi-fi problems. Apparently I have too many devices using the wi-fi (about seventeen) and some of the Nest Cam don’t work most of the time. I also need to reset the Home Hub 3000 once in a while. I tried adding four of Bell wi-fi pods but it didn’t really improve anything… A tech at Bell suggested to also increase internet speed (strangely, at Bell, their solution is always to PAY MORE money). So I went from 300 to 500 Mbit/s but it didn’t change a thing. No improvement at all. Now I am considering going to 1 Gbit/s. We’ll see if it improves anything.

On the positive side, I am quite happy with my iPhone 11 Pro. I don’t use much the phone. For me it is mostly a universal internet device (like Star Trek’s tricorder) and an excellent camera. I am really satisfied with this new camera. If it wasn’t for the zoom I don’t think I would use my Nikon anymore… (yet again, the iPhone zoom pretty well but there is too much quality loss…)

Now that I made my civic duty and voted by anticipation in the Federal Elections, I can go back to solving computer problems (and hopefully, before the end of the day, be able to resume writing book comments — which is, after all, the main purpose of this blog !)…

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Warning ! Alerte ! 警告 !

In this blog I often comment on books I’ve read or movies that I have seen and, in order to do so, it is sometimes necessary to talk about the story and possibly divulge plot elements. Lots of people don’t like that; therefore it is necessary to warn them beforehand. Unfortunately, putting a warning at the beginning of every comment can be annoyingly repetitive or sometime I simply forget about it. So, here it is: Consider yourself warned!

⚠️ WARNING: The following comment MAY contain traces of spoilers! People allergic to the discussion of any plot’s elements before seeing or reading the story themselves are strongly advised to take the necessary precautions for their safety and should continue reading cautiously! ⚠️


Dans ce blog, je commente souvent des livres que j’ai lus ou des films que j’ai vus et, pour ce faire, il est parfois nécessaire de parler de l’histoire et éventuellement de divulguer des éléments de l’intrigue. Beaucoup de gens n’aiment pas ça; il est donc nécessaire de les prévenir au préalable. Malheureusement, mettre un avertissement au début de chaque commentaire peut être ennuyeux et répétitif ou parfois, je l’oublie tout simplement. Donc, le voici: Considérez-vous prévenu !

⚠️ ATTENTION: Ce commentaire pourrait contenir des traces de “divulgâcheur” [a.k.a. spoilers] ! Les personnes allergiques à toutes discussions d’une intrigue avant d’en avoir elles-même prise connaissance sont vivement conseillées de prendre les précautions nécessaires pour leur sécurité et devraient continuer de lire avec prudence ! ⚠️

Playlist revisited

I have updated this blog post (Memorable music) with the complete playlist of my top 50ish anime & J-pop soundtracks, with lots of informative links including to a full version of each titles on Youtube (save for two that I couldn’t find)! It’s a basket of nostalgia for the fans and a good introduction to this great musical genre for the novices. I think this post is worth being revisited (or checking if you haven’t read it yet). Music lovers, what do you think? (let me know which are your favourite anime soundtracks). Follow the links and enjoy!

J’ai mis à jour ce billet de mon blog (Memorable music) avec la liste de lecture complète de mes 50 (ish) meilleures bandes sonores d’anime et de J-pop, avec de nombreux liens informatifs, y compris une version complète de chaque titre sur Youtube (sauf pour deux que je n’ai pu trouver)! C’est plein de nostalgie pour les fans et une bonne introduction à ce grand genre musical pour les novices. Je crois que ce billet mérite donc d’être revisité (ou ça vaut un coup d’oeil si vous ne l’avez pas encore lu). Amoureux de la musique, qu’en pensez-vous? (laissez-moi savoir quelles sont vos bandes son préférées d’anime). Suivez les liens et amusez-vous!

Indexes Update January 2019

I am catching up with updating my Bibliography and the blog indexes for Books and Movies/TV reviews for the May 2018 to January 2019 period (132 entries in 9 months). Sorry, I should have updated them more often (the previous update was in April !).

It’s clear that I am commenting on more movies & TV series  (47) than books (24). I really have to change that and read more books!

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About writing (3)

Sometimes, when I start writing a comment on a book or a movie, I have no idea what I will be writing. It just comes along, one idea bringing the next and the whole comment is slowly taking form. Sometime, I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to say and I have to make a plan, a structure, detailing the basic elements of each idea or concept I want to cover in order not to loose the tread of my thoughts (which happens sometime if I wait too long before putting it down on paper or on the computer).

I don’t have a good memory, I usually don’t remember much about a book I’ve just read or a movie I’ve just watched after a little while. When I want to remember, I just read what I’ve written about it. In fact, that’s one of the reason I write.

Sometime, when I don’t know what to say about a book or a movie, I just sleep over it and it usually helps a lot. But I must not wait too long to write after that. If not I might just end up with some sketchy notes and not much substance…

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About writing (2)

Strangely, the more touched I am by a book or a movie, the more difficult it is to write about it. It seems easier to write about something I didn’t like so much… Maybe I am so overwhelmed that I just can’t organize the zillion things that I want to say. Or maybe I am just afraid to mess up something that I really like. I don’t know. I just find this strange…

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