Index: Art Miyako

Animal friendships series

Art par/by Miyako Matsuda des séries/from Artistic Interlude, Image du chat-medi and Image du mer-fleuri series.

Alcea Rosea, Brown Dog and a Butterfly [2018]

All is well at the farm / Ça va bien aller à la ferme [2020]

American goldfinches and house sparrow with sunflowers [2020]

American Goldfinches and Sunflowers (2) [2017]

American Goldfinches and Sunflowers (3) [2017]

American Goldfinches and Yellow Iris [2016]

American short-hair cat with butterfly and trilliums [2017]

American short-hair cat with butterfly in a meadow 02 [2017]

American shorthair and a butterfly in a meadow, An  [2017]

Artistic interlude: other series [2017]

Basset and Indigo bunting [2020]

Beagle and roses [2020]

Beagle with a butterfly and wild roses [2018]

Beagle with pears and a butterfly [2018]

Beagle with spirea and a butterfly [2018]

Beige dog with butterfly and spirea [2018]

Birds with iris in the countryside [2018]

Black cat and butterfly with hydrangea under an oak [2017]

Black cat and columbines [2017]

Black cat and flowers (“Spotty”) [2016]

Black cat with kitten and daisies [2018]

Brown dog in a flower field [2018]

Ça va bien aller à la ferme / All is well at the farm [2020]

Cat & butterfly with yellow violets [2017]

Cat and a butterfly in a meadow, A [2017]

Cat and a snail with hydrangea (A) [2017]

Cat and ladybugs [2017]

Cat and ladybug under a blackberry bush, A  [2017]

Cat and roses [2020]

Cat and snail in spring [2017]

Cat In a Basket [2017]

Cat in a basket with cosmos [2017]

Cat in a Basket with strawberries [2017]

Cat in the countryside with a butterfly and clover [2017]

Cat looking into a pond (water hyacinth), A  [2017]

Cat with a butterfly and Golden Orange California Poppies (2) [2017]

Cat with butterfly and California poppies [2017]

Cat with butterfly and clovers [2017]

Cat with butterfly and Red capucine [2017]

Cat with Narcissus [2017]

Cat with red dragonfly and primrose in the countryside [2017]

Cat with snail and strawberries [2017]

Cute Grey cat in a field of daisies [2018]

Cute Grey Cat with Violet  [2018]

Cute kitten and spirea [2017]

Deer in the countryside (Un juin bien fleuri, un vrai paradis!) [2017]

Deer with a butterfly and apple Blossoms (A) [2018]

Deer with butterfly and apple blossoms in the countryside [2018]

Deer with Clover in the Countryside [2017]

Deer with pink flowers and a butterfly (A) [2019]

Deer with red poppies and a wasp [2018]

Deer with wasp and poppies in the countryside [2017]

Deer, butterfly and nasturtium in the countryside [2018]

Dog and a finch with roses, A [2020]

Dog and a snail with hydrangea under a platane, A [2017]

Dog and butterfly with some narcissus [2017]

Dog and snail with Arrowheads [2020]

Dog and snail with primeroses [2017]

Dog and a squirrel under an oak, A [2020]

Dog and a squirrel with acorns, A [2020]

Dog and a squirrel with acorns (2 – and clovers), A [2020]

Dog and a squirrel with buttercups, A [2020]

Dog and Sweet williams [2020]

Dog with a butterfly and Lily Of The Valley [2017]

Dog with a Ladybug and Californian Poppies in the Countryside [2017]

Dog with a Ladybug and Clovers [2017]

Dog with Butterfly and hollyhocks [2017]

Dog with butterfly and narcisses in the countryside [2018]

Dog with Capucines [2017]

Dog with clover and acorns [2017]

Dog with evening primeroses [2020]

Dog with Flowers 1 [2017]

Dog with Flowers 2 [2017]

Dog with Maple Leaves (01 / green) [2017]

Dog with Maple Leaves (02 / blue) [2017]

Dog with red bird and camellia [2020]

Dog with red cosmos [2018]

Dog with red flowers [2018]

Dog with Yellow Four O’clocks [2017]

Field daisies and a cow [2016]

Fox and Squirrel in the forest [2020]

Friends: Dog, bird and golden orange California Poppies [2017]

German Hound with butterfly and Rhododendron [2017]

Goldfinches and Sunflowers [2016]

Grey cat and butterfly with Rhododendron [2017]

Grey cat with a yellow butterfly and poppies (The Bow Tie) [2017]

Grey cat with butterfly in a strawberry field (forever!) [2017]

Grey cat with Forget-me-nots [2017]

Grey Cat with ladybug and Eggplant in a veggie garden [2017]

Hedgehog in the countryside [2017]

Horse, butterflies and roses [2020]

Husky with a wild orange tree [2019]

Husky with blackberries (A) [2019]

Husky with periwinkles and a butterfly (A) [2020]

Irish Setter with butterfly and flowers [2018]

Japanese Bobtail cat with a butterfly [2018]

Japanese Bobtail Cat with butterfly & cosmos [2018]

Lab, hummingbird and Strawberries [2020]

Labrador retreiver in a meadow (with clover and ladybugs) [2017]

Labrador with butterfly and capucines [2017]

Labrador with butterfly and nasturtiums [2017]

Malamute dog with butterfly and columbines [2017]

Marmalade cat under the tangerine tree, A [2020]

Marmalade Cat with butterfly and Tithonia [2017]

Marmalade Cat with California Poppies [2017]

Marmalade kitten with Spirea [2017]

Marmalade tabby cat with Cosmos (“Caramel“) [2016]

Monsieur le chat visitant l’oiseau [2020]

Monsieur le Loup et compagnie [2020]

Mother Cat And Her Kitten (3) with viola [2017]

Mother Cat And Her Kitten Under the Cherry Blossoms (2) [2017]

Mother Cat And Her Kitten Under the Cherry Blossoms [2016]

Orange cat with a butterfly and poppies in the countryside [2018]

Orange cat with butterflies and Tritonia [2017]

Orange Cat with butterfly and Bidens Campfire [2018]

Orange marmelade cat with snail and iris [2018]

Orange tabby cat with clementines [2020]

Pony and a Goldfinch with Black Eyed Susans, A [2020]

Pony and Grosbeak with blackberries [2020]

Puppy Dog with butterfly and spirea [2018]

Rabbit and butterflies with cosmos in a meadow [2017]

Rabbit in a blackberry bush [2017]

Rabbit in the field with butterflies [2016]

Rabbit with daisies in the countryside, A [2020]

Rosa ‘Harison’s Yellow’, a dog and a butterfly [2020]

Scottish fold cat with a blue butterfly and Norman’s Bay orchids [2017]

Scottish Fold cat with ladybug and lilies [2018]

Scottish fold cat with snail and yellow iris [2018]

Scottishfold cat with bidens in the countryside [2018]

Shiba Inu with Chickadee and Physalis [2020]

Siberian samoyed with orange flowers [2019]

Smiling Dog with Bidens hybrids “Campfire Fireburst” [2018]

Smiling Dog with butterflies and Apple Blossoms [2018]

Smiling Dog with Daylily [2018]

Smiling dog with Nasturtium [2018]

Spirea, a Lab and a butterfly [2018]

Springer Gallois and Rudbeckies [2020]

Squirrel and two Junco with cherry blossoms, A [2020]

Tithonia with a marmalade cat and a butterfly [2018]

Tortoiseshell cat with butterfly and spirea [2017]

Tulips, a marmalade cat and a butterfly [2018]

Turkish Angora cat with Maurandie de Barclay [2018]

Welsh Springer Spaniel with Butterfly and Poppies [2017]

White Cat with a Wasp in the Countryside [2017]

Young lab, a ladybug and some Spirea, A [2020]