Urasawa Naoki no Manben

ManbenI just found a treasure trove of information for manga fans. Remember, I mentioned last August a documentary on NHK World Japan titled Manben: Behind the Scenes of Manga with Urasawa Naoki (浦沢直樹の / Urasawa Naoki no ManBen / lit. “The manga study of Naoki Urasawa”)  where manga genius Urasawa Naoki was meeting with mangaka Yasuhiko Yoshikazu and discussing with him his drawing techniques and works (that video is still available for streaming on NHK World Japan until the end of July 2023). That documentary is actually part of a series where Urasawa meets with several manga artists to discuss their works. Unfortunately, only one other video is available for streaming on NHK WORLD Japan at the moment: the episode where he meets with Sakamoto Shin-ichi (available to stream until the end of November 2023).

However, I just discovered a fan website offering ALL the episodes of the series with English subtitles: www.naokiurasawa.com. The series has five seasons and about thirty episodes. Here is a list of all episodes (with links to view the documentaries):

Season 0 (2014)

Season 1 (2015)

Season 2 (2016)

Season 3 (2016)

Season 4 (2017)

Season 5: NEO (2020-2023)

For more information you can check the Official website of the show or the Japanese Wikipedia entry (Wikipedia.jp).

This documentary series certainly has a great potential to teach us a lot more about Japanese manga artists. Have a nice viewing!

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