Warning ! Alerte ! 警告 !

In this blog I often comment on books I’ve read or movies that I have seen and, in order to do so, it is sometimes necessary to talk about the story and possibly divulge plot elements. Lots of people don’t like that; therefore it is necessary to warn them beforehand. Unfortunately, putting a warning at the beginning of every comment can be annoyingly repetitive or sometime I simply forget about it. So, here it is: Consider yourself warned!

⚠️ WARNING: The following comment MAY contain traces of spoilers! People allergic to the discussion of any plot’s elements before seeing or reading the story themselves are strongly advised to take the necessary precautions for their safety and should continue reading cautiously! ⚠️


Dans ce blog, je commente souvent des livres que j’ai lus ou des films que j’ai vus et, pour ce faire, il est parfois nécessaire de parler de l’histoire et éventuellement de divulguer des éléments de l’intrigue. Beaucoup de gens n’aiment pas ça; il est donc nécessaire de les prévenir au préalable. Malheureusement, mettre un avertissement au début de chaque commentaire peut être ennuyeux et répétitif ou parfois, je l’oublie tout simplement. Donc, le voici: Considérez-vous prévenu !

⚠️ ATTENTION: Ce commentaire pourrait contenir des traces de “divulgâcheur” [a.k.a. spoilers] ! Les personnes allergiques à toutes discussions d’une intrigue avant d’en avoir elles-même prise connaissance sont vivement conseillées de prendre les précautions nécessaires pour leur sécurité et devraient continuer de lire avec prudence ! ⚠️

Playlist revisited

I have updated this blog post (Memorable music) with the complete playlist of my top 50ish anime & J-pop soundtracks, with lots of informative links including to a full version of each titles on Youtube (save for two that I couldn’t find)! It’s a basket of nostalgia for the fans and a good introduction to this great musical genre for the novices. I think this post is worth being revisited (or checking if you haven’t read it yet). Music lovers, what do you think? (let me know which are your favourite anime soundtracks). Follow the links and enjoy!

J’ai mis à jour ce billet de mon blog (Memorable music) avec la liste de lecture complète de mes 50 (ish) meilleures bandes sonores d’anime et de J-pop, avec de nombreux liens informatifs, y compris une version complète de chaque titre sur Youtube (sauf pour deux que je n’ai pu trouver)! C’est plein de nostalgie pour les fans et une bonne introduction à ce grand genre musical pour les novices. Je crois que ce billet mérite donc d’être revisité (ou ça vaut un coup d’oeil si vous ne l’avez pas encore lu). Amoureux de la musique, qu’en pensez-vous? (laissez-moi savoir quelles sont vos bandes son préférées d’anime). Suivez les liens et amusez-vous!

Flickr F*ck

It’s the Dropbox rip-off all over again!

I’ve just been reminded today that my picture albums are about to be taken hostage. Not long after Yahoo had sold Flickr to SmugMug, they announced drastic changes in their policy. Their offering was too good and not profitable enough so they decided to jack up their price and radically reduce the advantages of free accounts. By doing so they are seriously screwing up their existing customers in what amounts to nothing less than corporate highway robbery!

The free accounts will be reduced to 1,000 photos and videos (instead of 1 Tb). Customers can update to Flickr Pro to have unlimited storage for C$65.88 (C$5.49 / mo) in a scheme that is basically upgrade or die! We have until January 8th to decide, after that our accounts will be frozen until February 5th, when the excess pictures will be DELETED! That’s outrageous!

This puts me in quite a dilemma. Since it has been one of the best sharing photos sites, I’ve been using the Flickr free account a lot for a while—although I’ve almost stopped using it since I upgraded to MacOS Mojave because the Photos app doesn’t allow us to easily upload to Flickr anymore. However, I still have 57 photo albums on it, which contains over 3000 pictures (0.6% of 1 Tb). 

So, should I upgrade or not? If I don’t I will lose my albums—but it doesn’t really matter since all those pictures are still in my Photos libraries anyway. It is just that there, I cannot share those pictures. And I don’t really want to pay yet another subscription service (I am already paying for several of them) and I am already using other services that could serve as Flickr alternative — although not as good… What are the photo sharing options that I already have?

  • Adobe Portfolio included with my Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan (US$137.83 for 20 Gb, Photoshop, Lightroom) but seems to double the use of WordPress. Although the whole Adobe Creative Cloud offers A LOT of potential that I still have to explore…
  • Amazon Photo unlimited photo storage (plus 5 Gb for video and files) already included with my Amazon Prime subscription (C$79), but you can share only links and is not web-based like Flickr was… (Ex.: Cats 2017-18) 
  • Dropbox free (using 37% of 6.8 Gb) but not able to easily share files anymore (unless I pay C$129 for 1 Tb or C$279 for 2 Tb & Showcase)
  • Facebook free, but not very practical (any limits?)
  • Google Photo free (using 6.3% of 15 Gb) but not practical because you can share only links (ex: Blogger album or Flower 2018 [from Flickr])
  • iCloud I am already paying $3.99 for 200 Gb (so far using only 40%) to host my pictures, but there’s no real option to share pictures or albums…
  • Imgurfree, no limit (sounds great! But doesn’t look very elegant)
  • Instagram free & cute, but again not very practical for photo albums
  • Photobucketfree, slow, offers only 2.5 Gb (2% used) with very intrusive ads (or pay $48.36 for 25 Gb)
  • Pinterest free, but not very practical for photo albums (good to pins pics from other sites though)
  • Vimeo250 Gb included with my Plus subscription ($108), but it’s for video only and would be superfluous and redundant if I go with WordPress Premium…
  • WordPress included with my Personal hosting ($48) I already have 6 Gb (using only 48%), but I am considering upgrading to Premium for 13 Gb ($96 but it also includes advanced social media, simple payments, site monetization and video support), but no nice way to share large albums. But I am sure I could work out something… (there are widgets for Gallery or Instagram)

After testing (again) all those alternatives (wasting an entire afternoon of writing doing so) I sadly report that none of them seems totally satisfactory. However, I refuse to pay the ransom that Flicker is asking for my picture albumsF*ck you Flickr !

I’ll probably workout something on WordPress, either directly or create a page that forward to a subsidiary site (Amazon, Google or Imgur) through links… We’ll see.

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Découvertes littéraires du moment


Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 17.31.18D’abord, ne pas oublier que le Salon du Livre de Montréal se tiendra la Place Bonaventure du 14 au 19 novembre 2018. L’entrée sera gratuite le mercredi pour les détenteurs d’une carte de bibliothèque de Montréal ou de la BAnQ. J’y serai sans faute soit le mercredi ou le vendredi (journée des professionnels), pour faire mon survol annuel du marché du livre (et tenter de faire quelques contacts utiles pour le blog, comme glaner des services de presse ou rencontrer des collègues blogeurs), et sûrement le samedi (pour rencontrer mes amis d’Alire et de Solaris, dont ce sera le lancement du #208).

Au hasard des livres qui me tombent entre les mains au travail ou du bouquinage chez des libraires locaux, il m’arrive de faire des découvertes intéressantes qui vaillent la peine d’être ajoutées à ma (déjà longue) liste de lecture. Voici donc une quinzaine de titres (Eh oui! À une exception près, ce n’est que de la BD ou du manga…) que j’ai découvert récemment et que j’espère lire dans un futur proche (ha!):


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About writing (3)

Sometimes, when I start writing a comment on a book or a movie, I have no idea what I will be writing. It just comes along, one idea bringing the next and the whole comment is slowly taking form. Sometime, I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to say and I have to make a plan, a structure, detailing the basic elements of each idea or concept I want to cover in order not to loose the tread of my thoughts (which happens sometime if I wait too long before putting it down on paper or on the computer).

I don’t have a good memory, I usually don’t remember much about a book I’ve just read or a movie I’ve just watched after a little while. When I want to remember, I just read what I’ve written about it. In fact, that’s one of the reason I write.

Sometime, when I don’t know what to say about a book or a movie, I just sleep over it and it usually helps a lot. But I must not wait too long to write after that. If not I might just end up with some sketchy notes and not much substance…

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About writing (2)

Strangely, the more touched I am by a book or a movie, the more difficult it is to write about it. It seems easier to write about something I didn’t like so much… Maybe I am so overwhelmed that I just can’t organize the zillion things that I want to say. Or maybe I am just afraid to mess up something that I really like. I don’t know. I just find this strange…

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