Poésie du dimanche

Si parfois la vie est pleine d’embûche
Que t’en arrache et que ça fait scier
T’as p’être pas été dans bonne branche

Rappel-toi que t’es un citoyen de souche
Que c’est dans ton sang, dans tes racines

•  •  •


Iron flower
Out of the asphalt
Yup! It’s spring !


Note: essai de pseudo-tanka (tanka-toy?) et photo-haïku. le pouète du dimanche, quand y trouve ça pas easy, y se réfugie dans l’humour. (Essaye donc de traduire ça gougle!) ごめんなさい!

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Blogging at the time of Corona



I am now on indefinite leave
It would feel like staycation
If it was not for this doomsday vibes

The coronavirus (COVID-19) unleashed itself on an unprepared world. Now, we are all in self-confinement to create the social distancing necessary to slow down the onslaught. Therefore the library is closed. We worked for about a week without the public (it was quite fun), but now they have sent us back home (with pay!). I am glad because I was worried that travelling everyday on the bus and the subway would put my family at risk (one of my siblings is immunosuppressed). The governments (both federal, provincial and municipal) asked us to stay home, so we do. I don’t know how long it will last; it might be anything from two weeks to two months. 

I will take advantage of that time to catch up on my reading and movie viewing, do a little clean-up in the house and maybe (if it last for a while) start gardening. I will definitively blog more during this period, mostly to post my reading or viewing comments but also to try to entertain you with bits of knowledge and wisdom. I have already post a list of activities everyone can do during this confinement period.

Hopefully everything will be well. In the meantime, please stay all safe.

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