Pictorial chronicle

The death of a garden

[ iPhone 8+, 2018/10/27 ]

I guess the gardening season is over. The frost has killed the herbs, vegetables and flowers. We’ve started removing the flower pots, cleaning up and preparing the back yard for winter. It is both sad and satisfying at the same time… Even in its death, a garden can be beautiful and bring joy to the heart.

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Sunset & moonrise in the park

Coucher de soleil et lever de lune dans le parc

[ iPhone 8+, Parc Frédéric-Back, 2018/10/20 ]

I stopped by the park on my way back from work to witness the change of the guard. Note that everything has been cut down in preparation for winter. Gone are the flowers before the frost. It’s all look like a cared lawn…

Je me suis arrêté au parc en revenant du travail pour assister au changement de la garde. Notez que toute la végétation a été coupé en prévision de l’hiver. Parties sont les fleurs avant le gel. Tout cela ressemble maintenant à une pelouse bien soignée …

Colours of Fall

In order to appreciate the splendid colours of the foliage in this time of the year — which make Quebec famous around the world — we went to the Mount Royal in two separate occasions.

Around Summit Woods, October 8th

For our first visit, on October 8th, we went to the Summit Wood area, up the Belveder Rd and behind the Saint-Joseph Oratory. The colours of the foliage was disappointing but it gave us the opportunity to view the city from the Summit Circle Look Out and to admire the eccentric houses of this area of Westmount.

Mount Royal Park, October 16th

The following week-end, on October 16th, we went to the other side of the mountain, to the Mount Royal Park. It was getting a little late in the season, but the foliage was still beautiful, although not at its peek. We went up to Remembrance Road, then around the Beaver Lake, then to the Mt Royal Chalet to admire the view from the Belvédère Kondiaronk. Finally we went down the Olmsted Trail to Cedar Ave, then Pine Ave to the Percy Walters Park and finally Redpath Street to the Museum of Fine Arts.

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A park teeming with life

It’s almost mid-October and the park is still teeming with life. Colourful flowers or leaves, bees flying around and grasshopper or crickets jumping everywhere! As always, it is a great joy to take a stroll in this natural expense, breathing fresh air and forgetting our urban life for a moment.

Doversity?Unfortunately, the park’s planners say they want to create diversity, but keep planting nice bushes in neat row! They just spread new soil over what was a nice field of crimson clover and planted (left) more of those reddish bushes giving the park a less “natural” look and more of a landscape garden (either English or French). Also, according to some stakes put into the ground, they are planning to plant some sort of reed grass (phragmites) in the soggy area on the left of that field.

I am much more partisan of a nice mix of grass, weeds and flowers (at this time we mainly finds asters  rudbeckia, sunflowers and goldenrods). Now, that’s diversity!

They also started working in the area near the Cirque du Soleil (removing fences and spreading new soil) which is supposed to open to the public next spring (along with the area near the Champdoré Park). In the meantimes, we can only walk around the Boisé-Est area and enjoy the automnal view provided by this managed wildlife, with its various flowers and insects…

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