Two Thanking Tanka

Thanks for the covid misery
Thanks for the trumpian craziness
Thanks for all the body pain

Thanks for the climate doom
Thanks for our self-destructive idiocy

⭐︎ ⭐︎ ⭐︎

I am grateful for all the bounties of nature
I have gratitude for the kindness I’m given
I appreciate the efforts for betterment

I acknowledge I had a good life
And recognize it could be much worse


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Tanka of despair

What a…

§ § §

Countless lies
Raging hatred
Alternate truth

Zealots spreading
Yucky morals

§ § §

Clueless opinion
Respect of nothing
Abandoning all senses

Zonked by dubious words
Yearning for chaos

§ § §

What’s happening to us?
Ought we to give up?
Rallying our last strength

Let’s fight this insanity
Defending our Principles !

§ § §

… we now live in !

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