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Déroutante erreur / Baffling system error

Baffling error message

“Une exception non gérée s’est produite dans un composant de votre application. Si vous cliquez sur Continuer, votre application va ignorer cette erreur et essayer de continuer. La collection a été modifiée; l’opération d’énumération peut ne pas s’exécuter.”

Voici un étrange message d’erreur apparu sur un poste au travail aujourd’hui. Le libellé en français ne fait guère de sens… mais, bon, nous n’en sommes pas à une absurdité près…

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A walk in the park in late September

Today was the time to relax. In the morning, I read a pile of couple of weeks-old newspapers (mostly The Gazette) while listening to smooth jazz on the internet. Then, in early afternoon, I went for a walk in the park with my lovely wife. It was a beautiful day of late September!

The deep blue sky was dotted by luminous clouds. There was still plenty of colours in the field and a great variety of flowers: a few Sweet William, many Asters and Sunflowers, Thistle and Chicory, those tall Dandelions like in spring, some Mint and plenty others that I couldn’t put a name on. It was full of life as grasshoppers and crickets were jumping all over in front of our steps, bees and bumblebees buzzing in the air, as well as blue and orange butterflies dancing around in the wind. We also saw a dead rat, a murder of crows and even a flight of Canadian geese flying high toward warmer skies in the south. A great day — even if we could smell in the air that rain would come later…

I took many pictures. Unfortunately no camera could render the richness of details that the human eye can capture. And the memory is fleeting. We have no choice but to rely of those imperfect pieces of frozen time to remind ourselves of this moment: the blue sky, the green grass and yellow flowers…

[ iPhone 8+, Parc Frédéric-Back, 2018/09/29 ]

About reading

Each time I see a new book I am taken by the deep desire to read it. However, if I try, I find out that I often don’t have the energy or the attention span to do so anymore. Why reading has gotten so hard? Is it because of age? The fact that I have less energy now? Or that having such a large field of interests makes me too busy (or being too spread out) and I have difficulty adding more activity to my schedule? So many books, so little time!

Reading is extremely rewarding but it is also very time consuming. So, I guess I am losing patience after a while, taking the lazy path of watching TV instead. Also, if I am reading, I am not writing about books. And if I am writing about some books, I can’t read other books. I really have to work that out and find the strength and patience to keep reading. There is so much wealth and experience and pleasure in each story! How can I be so weak that I find myself passing on this?

As I often say, I cannot wait to retire and have more time to read. I don’t understand how people can have a job, kids or pets, go out, travel, go run a marathon or train and still have time to read books (without burning out, of course) ! My house (and the world!) is filled with marvellous books waiting for me to appreciate, discover and love them! Well, there’s only 3158 days left before I am liberated from my obligation to work productively for society. Maybe sooner if I manage my stuff well (or if I am lucky). I just need to be a little more patient. And maybe read a book to spend the time…

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About writing (3)

Sometimes, when I start writing a comment on a book or a movie, I have no idea what I will be writing. It just comes along, one idea bringing the next and the whole comment is slowly taking form. Sometime, I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to say and I have to make a plan, a structure, detailing the basic elements of each idea or concept I want to cover in order not to loose the tread of my thoughts (which happens sometime if I wait too long before putting it down on paper or on the computer).

I don’t have a good memory, I usually don’t remember much about a book I’ve just read or a movie I’ve just watched after a little while. When I want to remember, I just read what I’ve written about it. In fact, that’s one of the reason I write.

Sometime, when I don’t know what to say about a book or a movie, I just sleep over it and it usually helps a lot. But I must not wait too long to write after that. If not I might just end up with some sketchy notes and not much substance…

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Electoral conundrum

On October 1st the population of Quebec will have to vote to put their favourite candidates in the National Assembly. I find myself in quite an electoral conundrum since the lack of leadership makes it impossible to find anyone worth of my support. Every party has good ideas, but also so many stupid ones. I began this reflection when my union started a campaign advocating not voting for either the Liberals or the CAQ because “they are all the same” and that “we deserve better”… But if not them, who?

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About writing (2)

Strangely, the more touched I am by a book or a movie, the more difficult it is to write about it. It seems easier to write about something I didn’t like so much… Maybe I am so overwhelmed that I just can’t organize the zillion things that I want to say. Or maybe I am just afraid to mess up something that I really like. I don’t know. I just find this strange…

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